26 December 2011

Holiday Reading

  Hey everybody! I hope your Christmas was great! ^_^ I didn't get any Ballet related presents but my holiday was still sweet :)
  I'm finally reading Apollo's Angels now after abandoning it when I went through that weird depression thing while I was taking medication for my foot...long story O_O I can't believe I did that. I skipped the Louise the XVI parts and went straight to Chapter 4: Romantic Illusions and the Rise of the Ballerina, which concentrates on French writers of the 1800 and Marie Taglioni, our dearest Pointe-pioneer XD
  Am suddenly interested in La Sylphide and am surprised by how it actually started. At that time France was, apparently, into the supernatural and ethereal stuff so the ballet was a major hit...
  The choreography has a lot of weightless-looking steps and jumps. I'm not really the jumping type of gal but it's still cute. I noticed the music is kind of pleasant if you don't look at the eerie stage set ^_^

Evgenia Obraztsova and Leonid Sarafanov in La Sylphide

22 December 2011


What can one ballerina do to help?!
Please, please, lots of people have died in the cities of Cagagayan de Oro and Illigan because of Typhoon Sendong (Washi). We cannot blame Mother Nature, and we cannot turn back time, but we can fix what both have done. Dancing friends out there, who wants to organize a charity show? 

  Last year we danced for a cause in LCB. One of the former teachers' son was diagnosed with a tumor. We danced a few songs from past recitals, so it was easy enough because we already knew the dances.

Please help these people with you'r talent!


  After watching the Onegin movie with Mom, I did some You Tube stalking. John Cranko's Onegin was uploaded by Genrietta in 9 parts :D Thanks so much!
  Recognized the music in Olga and Lenski's Pas de Deux. Teacher Cecil used it a lot in LCB. I could remember.. .Those were the most tiring barre works...

21 December 2011

No Breaking Pointe

  Mom made, actually drew, me this shirt today:

Thanks Mom!

  Read Ballet NEWS' Cupcakes and Conversation with Yolanda Correa... Gosh she is so inspired! She just loves ballet more than anything and that's so cool :D hehe


Drew this long ago... :D Teheee... Found it in my drawing book today :D

20 December 2011

Morning in Mintal

Mom trying to learn the Lumad language
  This morning, Mom drove us all the way to Mintal. It was a one hour drive and it was worth it.
  First, we met up with Mom's friend Tita Hannah, who showed us around. We went to visit the Lumads who had come to the Mintal Gym to spend their Christmas. Mom asked them to translate some Bisaya words into their language.

  Also met some kids who were from the relocation area near Philippine Science High School.

L to R: Nicole, Marian, Me, Mary,and Angel
  Got to visit a Daycare where 66 children ages 3-6 stay while their mothers go to work. Would you believe that 33 children can fit into here?

Before we left I asked for remembrance... Autographs!

We visited this daycare center where 30 children crowd in regularly :(

Wish there was an dance outreach program...

Music Recital

From L to R: Pat, Me, and Eric

Whew! Stress is over! Dance Club Performed for the Music Recital in School which, thankfully, only the parents of participants watched. We did it! Though, they exited before it was time because they forgot the steps... O.O We carried it well though. Eric did some freestyle :D Heres a clip:

Me and pat with our teachers

18 December 2011

Party with the Over-Arched Pointe Shoe Killerz

Last night went to the party of my good friend. She does Ballet in R.A.D. She also introduced me to another friend who also does R.A.D. It was crazy.. They just killed their pointes that very day. They literally cracked their shank. Seriously it split! Was so fun.. we were trying them on and talking ballet!
  They're over-arched.. They also gave me some tips on improving mine :D .
  I also found out from them that Grishkos "fossilize" which mean they harden if you don't use them for a long time O_O Will not wear my pointes for the whole Christmas break :)

14 December 2011

The Dancer's Vacation

Layers of luscious Chocopology... 
  The last of the cake my Ninang (godmother) sent us was eaten today. It was our dessert for the past three nights and it was d e l i c i o u s!

  I plan not to gain much during the holidays but I realize that's kind of impossible... With this cake alone... There's still this box of Polvoron :S Oh well,I wonder if pros who do Nutcracker for the Christmas gain any weight.. I wonder if they even have a vacation... I mean, won't they slow down?

   I'm so worried about the Dance Club tomorrow. Were going to perform for the Music Recital, as a trial... I don't think we'll be allowed to put up our own show T_T.... Shame on me...

13 December 2011

The Show

On that day I was like, "It's finally over!!!" Now I feel like "There's no Ballet tonight?" the recital went pretty well. We had class before the actual performance, which I thought was helpful. Then we put on our makeup.
  I felt my hands tense just right before our turn O_O
  During one of the practices, I actually got kicked in the face accidentally when I moved to close to one of my classmates. Sigh, the importance of formation...
  We didn't stay to long for the Christmas Party (I was still full from the heavy Sunday lunch). After we were still able to watch the LCB Show. I wanna go back for Jazz!!!! T_T I miss all my friends! They all grew soooo tall!!!! When my friend Josh greeted me after the performance he lifted me up in the air "Amber!" (me screaming)

Heres a video of the Locsin's recital. I'm the one on the far right, backless leotard :D 

BTW, our carol won second place :) hehehe...

10 December 2011

Dress Rehaersal

You know what was so weird today? This afternoon, when I sorted through my ballet bag, I found a chocolate nugget. A sealed chocolate nugget. Someone in Locsin's must'v dropped in in my bag. I ate it with my sisters. it was cookies and cream. You know, the Hershey's kind? hehehe ^_^
  I wonder if that was a sign, and if it was, what did it mean?
We had dress rehearsal today. No make up though....
  Recital tomorrow!!!!

08 December 2011

OK, It's Really Showtime!!!

Only three days 'till our recital! The weather has been downright cold and I feel rusty :| Time to bring out the warm-ups and cardigans XD And to think were a tropical country!
 Of course, a Christmas recital is not complete without a nativity scene. My role is the Angel A.K.A Star, and I mean it literally. I have to hold a star. The first plan was that I would sit on the barre. Today, after yesterday's clumsy tries, teacher Agnes told me to just pose on releve behind the Holy family :) Whew!
  Our Christmas carol is going great. I'ts comical and action packed so we got it good ;)
  Headaches on the dance floor: I'm glad we still have a week before our Dance Club presentation, But gosh the attendance, we still don't have a final formation! The younger members (the dedicated ones) are really improving though. I'm really proud of them :D
  As Pat said, "We WILL have a good show!"

03 December 2011

Sighing on a Saturday

  First time to go en pointe away from the barre since I moved to Locsins. It was hard and I wasn't going on full pointe.
  Teacher Agnes and the adult students were talking about plants :) She said "Thats what my next piece is going to be about, water, air, and fire, and how they affect vegetation."
  At home right now. Will stretch while watching "Captain America" with little brother :P Sigh, lazy Saturday internet time :)
  Kinda inspired by Miss Universe. Watching videos on You Tube because I'm supposed to tsunami walk during our Christmas Carol O_O
  Wish me Luck!

02 December 2011

School Dance

Random school pic of light
reflecting on a table ;)
  If you are one of my classmates, and your reading this, I wouldn't feel so bad if you don't like me. I acted really rotten and managed my class in the worst possible way for a teacher to manage it and I feel bad...

  When our guidance counselor told us that each class is to present at the school Christmas party, she immediately put me and Eric in charge. This noontime, I showed my friend, Alex, some steps I made up. I'm happy I did this. She helped me add some steps to some dull moments and we kept laughing because one of us had to do the guy part.
  That afternoon, when I taught the steps, none of them would listen. We second years are the largest class in the entire high school of a small school. There's about 18 of us and more boys than girls, so we had to have two guys per girl. None of the guys were listening. They were busy laughing, talking, and literally, rolling on the floor... You'd know if you passed through second year high or have brothers that age.. the things they think of!

  I got mad and freaked out. I shouted at them. My girl friends were horrified. they were like "Guys, c'mon, Amber's mad na" Alex took it from there. They listened to her. why can't they listen to me!? I'm thankful to Alex for helping me it was much easier...

  How do you teach second year boys to dance?

Stolen pic of my guy classmates :P

30 November 2011

Christmas Show :D


  Only a week till the Christmas show!!! We did some blocking on-stage. I'm really so poor in this formation stuff :( I only have one dance and about 5 or 6 different places in this number but I'm still worried. In LCB, when there was a lot of dances, I was very embarrassed at my not being able to remember my place T_T 

  Our costume is red. Just red. Finally I'll get the red leotard I wanted :) Iv'e been running out of things to wear to class these days O_O

  Teacher Sweet planned out our Christmas Carol (Aaaahhh!!!! Christmas in the air!). We did the planning outside in the canteen (where I took these photos). I think there's going to be a contest on the carols :)

  Ballet 3 won't be on pointe though, but the older girls are going to dance some variations :)

  Showtime is December 11, same with the LCB recital T_T I can't watch...
Spinning Wheel from The Sleeping Beauty

26 November 2011

Busy :|

Teacher Agnes

  Mom and I left the house at 8:30 A.M. I was panicking because I thought I would be late. And I almost was. I got inside Locsin's just 10 minutes before time. Much to my relief, Teacher Agnes was outside. I smiled and she smiled back which I though was very un-Teacher Agnes like. I wondered if she was in a good mood. I wondered if she really doesn't like me and if today's class would be good or not.

  The class was rather tiring but I blame that on my busy week. I'm really busy, with the dance club and schoolwork. With ballet to top it off. I had to reduce my one on one classes from twice, to once a week.

  Teacher Agnes made me feel better about my legs when she said my knees were straight and I should just work harder :)

  I now know why my tummy's so big. It's not fat, it's because of my very arched back :| I have to practice standing up straighter, ribs in...

  I don't know what to think of having a teacher telling me off all the time. Does it mean she sees potential so she's trying to hone me or the opposite...

23 November 2011

Music Box Ballerinas

  I met this old couple in a bazaar this week. They attracted my attention because of the music box that they were selling.  They came home from the states after living there for a looong time. The man is an anthropologist and the lady is a History and Political Science Professor. They were so cool. I spent a lot of time with them and I asked them some history stuff for my homework :



  We asked our school principal if we could have a show for the Dance Club. She gave us a trial. She will let us have an intermission number in the music recital and if we pull off a good performance, she'll let us have a show of our own!!!

  Were dancing to Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie". We increased the number of classes from Fridays, to EVERYDAY (except weekends, of course). So far we have eight dancer, a good number, with five others still pending...

  I'm so happy. Was so stressed out about this while we were planning the practices but it's all good now that I know we have enough time and meet-ups. I just have to pray that we teach them well and they get the steps. SIGH...

  Photo credits to my classmate Yassy :)

Ballet Bat :P

Trying to get the bat out

  IT WAS SO EPIC!!! Our whole class today was on the barre. At the last exercise we were doing changements and suddenly, there was a bat flying around  the studio like crazy!

  Teacher Agnes was laughing so hard and she even joked about Edward Cullen :P

  The Ballet 4 were huddled together in a corner and one of my classmates ran out the studio ducking!

20 November 2011

Arch Enhancers

  Both my mother and my grandmother were blessed with beautiful feet. I got my dad's. Though strong, my arches are low. Apart from that, I acquired Tendonitis on my left foot a few years ago and have been dancing with it ever since.
  There are some thing I do to try to improve my arches;

    1.  Stairs I push the front of my foot by putting pressure on it using the steps in the stairs. Slowly, I straighten my foot for a harder push.

    2. Hands When there are no stairs I just use my hands :D

    3.  The Capsule My mom had this pill-shaped piece of wood made. She sells them at her Yoga studio, The POD. They'r supposed to massage your feet.

    4.  Pointe shoes I wear them around the house anytime... :

    Thin Legs, Thick Legs (lets not say fat)

      Can't seem to accept the fact that I'll never be as skinny as dancers like Alina Somova, Amber Miller, or Adji Cissoko (whose legs look like they go on forever!) :(  The circumference of their legs are probably half of mine and their way older...
    Adji Cissoko, Corps de Ballet
    National Ballet of Canada
      I feel very sluggish and unhealthy these days and I can't jump... this lethargy is also keeping my from stretching and improving in terms of flexibility..  
      I don't know, when I stand in fifth, croisé, and look at the mirror I am horrified by my legs. Though I'm tall, I find my legs short looking.
    Melissa Hough
      I don't want to compare myself to others just to make myself feel good. My moms strategy is; "If your legs are big what do you call other people's?" I don't like saying this to myself because its the same as; "I don't have to work so hard because I'm not the worst student in class"
      But maybe this is whats burning me out...

      I'll start looking at dancers like Melissa Hough and Alina Cojocaru who have thicker legs. Their just as graceful. 
      Typed this with my pointe shoes on :P Just for the record.

     Alina Cojocaru Interview <3

    16 November 2011

    Silent Kindess

      Inah is in the Ballet 4 class at Locsin's. She's tall and long with really nice feet. There's one thing that sets her apart from the other dancers; she is deaf and mute. In class, her friends relay Teacher Agnes' instructions through sign language and physical correction (moving the leg/arms to the right place/position). According to my classmates she can only hear the vibration and the base of instruments. But that doesn't stop her form dancing and doing her best. And much more...
      This evening in my class, Ballet 3, we were doing jumps from the corner of the room. As I positioned myself, moving my arms from Bra Bas to first, I felt a slight tugging at my Derrier (back) leg. I glance at my back and realized that Inah was trying to turn out my leg. She was helping me, and in the only way she knew how.
     A lot of people have called out to me, "Amber, turn out, Point your toes, breathe," But Inah cant speak, yet she went up to me and helped me like anyone could. I appreciated her kindness and concern..
      If your reading this, Inah, I hope you know that I'm very grateful... Thank you... loads!

    15 November 2011

    More Vaganova

      Whew just finished writing down the barre work for my class with Kuya Henry. We did a Vaganova class today. Super tiring. But I like it. I'm more of an Epaulemnt person rather than a leg strength person... Though sometimes Kuya Henry says I'm to "flowery".
      You know what they say that you shouldn't have two different teachers? It's true... Its pretty confusing. One moment I'm being praised for something I did right by Kuya Henry, next I'm being scolded at for doing the same thing by Teacher Agnes (or sometimes, the other way around)!
      Am really thinking hard about spending summer in Manila. My friend from ballet told me about Steps. I'm looking at their website right now ^_^. I wonder if it's hard to switch from Vaganova to RAD....
      Last year I watched, like, every episode of Dance 212, and there was this ballerina, Amber Miller (same name as me, OH YEAH!!!), training with the Ellison Ballet. She's really graceful and looks so calm while dancing. I admire her so! I think Ellison is also Vaganova, so... :
      Watched this video of the Ellison Ballet students and they are AH-MAY-ZING:

    Amber Miller is the blonde girl in the beginning :) Just so you know...

    12 November 2011

    Shallow Happiness...

      One of my classmates has been bringing a ballpen to class. I thought at first she was just being funny but today Teacher Agnes asked for it. I thought she was going to confiscate it but instead she gave it to another classmate. Turns out your supposed to hold it with only your thumb to correct the hands.

      Teacher Agnes pointed out the Ballet 3 class one by one. "You have to keep practicing, you have to concentrate, etc., etc." To me (and a few others)  she said "Mababaw lang ang kaligayahan mo, your contented without having to work so hard!"


      Yesterday at Dance Club. I only had 2 students. I taught them a routine to Katy Perry's ET. It was mostly arm movements. I made them look like one person with many arms :D Should have taken a video!

      One of my own DC students taught me to baby freeze!!! I'm so happy!!!!! :D

    10 November 2011

    Ballet In, Jazz Out

    Agripipna Vaganova
      One on one classes are so tiring. But my energy is up this week :D Kuya Henry said that starting next week we will have classes more like the ones in BM. Vaganova technique.
      My pull up and arms are still nowhere... My arms have been a problem since last summer. I don't know if I've always had lifeless arms or if it developed over time :|
      I haven' blogged about Dance Club for quite some time now. This is because there hasn't been any meet ups for over two weeks now.
      We won't be teaching Jazz any more, though. We think it's the reason that people don't attend :| It was Pat's idea. When I told the students they wore relieved expressions...

    09 November 2011

    Flat Feet T_T

      Class on weekdays is 5:30-6:30 p.m. At 4:30, while watching "Ballet Shoes", I was nagging at my mom to leave the house already... The leaving materialized, however, at around 4:50... When we got out of the house we realized that Dad had brought the car. We decided to walk to the main street and wait for Dad to bring the car back.

      Annoyed at my mom, and nervous about being late, I walked haughtily and speedily to the corner. It was just perfect timing that when I got there, an empty Taxi passed. I hailed it, much to Mom's surprise. As I had walked ahead of her, she had to run to me and the cab with her surprised face (she had also stopped to chat with a neighbor).

      I got in the cab and started fixing my bun. I asked her if my hair was alright and she said the bun was heart shaped. Mom took pictures of me in the taxi -_-

      We arrived in Locsin's at exactly 5:00. I was not  late. I apologized to Mom for panicking... Should have just calmed down... I left my water at home :(

      Class was good. Since I was early I was able to watch Ballet 4 practice their variations. One of the girls did the blue bird solo from Sleeping Beauty.. I recognized the music. :D

      On the barre we did some new exercises. I was reprimanded three times. After the second plie exercise, Teacher Agnes told me to work on my arches more. "This exercise is for you, you really need to work on your arches" She said.

      Flat feet T_T

    07 November 2011

    Gaynor Minden

    Gaynor Minden's new pointe shoe
      Hit dancer.com on my search bar. This is probably my favorite ballet website ever! Not only is Gaynor Minden said to be the best brand of pointe shoes but their site makes me fall in love with ballet all over again! <3

      This is where I learned about most of the famous ballerinas and classical ballets. I also learned about ballet's history from this site (I even made a power point about the history of ballet using GM as reference :))

      The brand of my current pointes is Grishko. Grishko 2007s. Compared to the Capezios these are really hard.Or maybe to my flat feet they are :( One of my ballet classmates (with really arch-y feet) shocked me one day when she said "Your shoes are Grishko 2007? Wow so soft!"  She uses Bloch, which I heard from one of my ballet teachers to be rock hard... I wish I had her feet!!!!

      Grrr.. Its raining so hard. Must bundle up... hehehe... Will get to use those sweaters that are so cute and just get stacked in the botttom of the clothes pile because I live in the tropics :P

      Class 2nyte :D
    My current pointes; Grishko 2007
    credits to my friend Ana Mempin for the photo :)) 

    05 November 2011

    Dreams, The Bolshoi, and Destiny...

    Joy Annabelle Womak
    Image via BalletNEWS
      Had a dream that I was in Russia <3 Then read that Joy Womak made it in the Bolshoi... What could this all mean??? This morning after ballet class, my teachers asked me if I was planning on going to Manila for Ballet during the summer... I keep telling myself; "It will all fall into place... But will it? Read a book that asked, "If destiny is written down for us, why do our choices affect our fate?"
      I have to make my decision now... >_<

    Ballet Flats

    Went to Locsin's really early today. I wanted to warm up really well before pointe class. Class is usually 9:00 a.m. for those on pointe. 9:30 is when ballet 3, 4, and 5 have class together on soft shoes.
      I later learned, from my other classmates, that there was no pointe class this morning because Teacher Agnes wasn't there :( So much for being early... Most of my classmates were relieved, though, "Whew! Thank goodness... I have a blister"
      The class was taught by Kuya Henry. After barre and center, we ran through the choreo twice... Good class..

    When I got home, I fixed my ballet shoes... The cloth inside doesn't stick anymore... Just glued it back in place :))

      Thought: Should have had it washed during the vacation O_O

      I have a dark blister on my big toe >_<   Not the worst though... I've had others with water inside, with the skin coming off... with blood...

     Sorry :P I don't mean to be disgusting...

    31 October 2011

    Jogging in Peoples Park and Anne Hathaway Stars In Black Swan?!?!

    "Dancing Fountain" People's Park, Davao City
      Came home from jogging in People's Park. Sigh, the irony of fresh air in the middle of a bustling city. People's Park is only a short walk from Locsin's  and is as beautiful at night as it is in the morning. At night, they turn on the "Dancing Fountain". I've never seen it live, just pictures :P This morning, lots of prople were in the park. Jogging, sitting down, walking, there were even some people practicing Arnis! :D
      When we came home, Dad turned on the telly. We don't usually watch local T.V. because it's a school rule not watch T.V. on weekdays.On weekends, though, we watch mostly movies.
      The host in Umagang Kay Ganda was talking about Venus Raj's Black Swan costume. Gosh! She made a mistake with the credits! Its Natalie Portman who starred in the movie NOT Anne Hathaway!!! Outrage much!
      Oh well, we all make mistakes... Will try to post a video of it :P

    29 October 2011

    Halloween and The Week After

    Hahaha, read BalletNEWS' Ballet on Halloween-Shoes, Style, and Shivers and realized that there are ballet's for Halloween. There's Giselle, because of the Willis, and La Sylphide.
      Speaking of Halloween, I really went as a pirate for the School party, and, guess what, I won 2nd Place!!! Hahahaha :))
      This morning, at Ballet, I happily realized that class after pointe work is so much easier! It's actually relieving...
     There will be no class for this whole week, Ballet and school. Holidays... Except on Saturday there's Ballet. planning on doing Yoga and all those other thing to fill the spare time... :P

    28 October 2011

    Happenings; Yesterday, Today, etc.

    Yes! Got to attend one on one class yesterday :D We had to end early because the older levels had rehearsals. Grrr... Can't get the steps right away '_' "Don't over-think, just dance!" Kuya Henry keeps reminding me. What worries me about myself is that maybe I'm not over-thinking, maybe I'm not thinking at all! :( Not good. This was exactly my problem in LCB.The reason I got reprimanded and cried :S. Brain cells must start working faster >_<
      I have a new point of view with dancing now. Instead of the usual "No pain no gain", It's more of applying the little steps on the barre to other things. For example: when we do plies I won't just concentrate an the step right now, it's not just getting it right and stuff, but while doing it I'll think about the muscles I'm using and how it will help with center work and the choreography.
    Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

         * * *

      School Halloween party this afternoon!!! Hahaha! Of course my very first choice was to go as a ballerina but then I don't have a tutu so I decided to go as a pirate :| Now I'm having second thoughts of going in tights and leotards in a wrap-around skirt and pointe shoes... Oh and, just an idea, copy the makeup from "Black Swan"!!!:P

    25 October 2011

    Not Again...

      Missed one on one class today. Again! Felt sick at school this afternoon so I cancelled the class.. Why is this happening to me?  The days that I'm supposed to have one on one, I feel sick!!! And to think I was looking forward to today's class! I hope nothing like this happens on Thursday...
     Class yesterday was great though :D Oh, and no Dance Club this week, Holloween Party \m/ I wonder if there's a ballet with a Halloween theme? :P

    24 October 2011

    Ballet is Beautiful!

    After fighting over the chocolate-pointe shoe thing :P

    Ahhh... The world is beautiful again! I got my energy back and I don't feel down anymore :D I'm so happy... Had class today and the choreography is great! Class again tomorrow. One on one.

      Over the weekend my parents encouraged me to eat chocolate. Yes, chocolate! Ha ha! They said that when you eat chocolate, your body releases some kind of hormone that makes you... Happy :D So I had the privilege of eating a chocolate cake for desert after lunch and some pieces of chocolate before sleeping <3 Looks like chocolate is actually good for you :) Will find a way to smuggle chocolate somewhere in the house for my own personal enjoyment... One small serving per day will keep me on my toes, I'm sure <3

      Speaking of chocolate, and remembering my pointe shoes, I had this fight with a friend in LCB once because she put chocolate on my pointes! We did not talk for the whole day but in the end, we made up and hugged and cried :P

      LOL, Just read from Dance Magazine E-news that candies and chocolate can reduce your risk of being overweight! O_O Really?..

    23 October 2011


    It turns out that the cause for my tiredness is actually this anti-fungal medicine I'm taking. It's side effects can lead to depression O_O I stopped taking it now but I still feel very tired... Had pointe class yesterday. I really have to work on my stamina. I mean, what's making me this tired T_T I'm doing everything on pointe all wrong...Oh :( We have choreography for our Christmas show... I'm a bit vague about my part but I hope I dance it perfectly :D
      I think I'll skip one on one and make it once a week instead of twice... and I can make up for it by doing Yoga with Mom... Really, I think I'm stressed.

    18 October 2011

    Better... or Not

      Finally better. Attended one on one class today. Felt so weak. I don't know why I feel so tired these days. Maybe I'm burned out or something. I just don't feel like dancing. I hope this will go away.
      This morning, Mom found the website of the New Zealand School of Dance. I went through the site for the whole morning.
      Something bizarre I found on the net, it's not recent but I guess it's worth sharing:
    Man attacks Russian Ballerinas for Speaking Russian.

    15 October 2011

    One On One

    I wish I could stretch like that...
      Had a one on one class with Kuya Henry, the Ballet Manila trained teacher, last night. When I woke up this morning I felt very sick. I think I'll have to miss pointe class tomorrow T_T. Why, why, why? This flu has been going around me and my classmates at school. My head hurts so much... I don't remember the last time I had fever. I'm just watching ballet videos and reading BalletNEWS' Cupcakes & Conversation Series.

      Last night Kuya Henry asked me if I was on a diet to which I replied no. It was time I started counting my food, he said, because my tummy sticks out. I tried doing sit ups every day before, when I was still in LCB, but my little bulge just wont go down! :P

      He taught me this stretching routine which they did in BM. Its called Vaganova Stretch. It's really different when there's someone there to help you stretch. It's easier and you get a better stretch. I should do this more often.

       On the barre he said, "Slowly when you move! In ballet your movement is as if you are in an aquarium." which gave me an idea of practicing Por de Bras in a swimming pool. We did pirouettes across the room. "When you turn, attack, no, the attack in ballet is different, were not going to war!"

      Oh yeah and we just used music from the radio, not classical. He said classical makes him sleepy :P

      He also gave me tips for a higher arch. I should wear my pointe shoes around the house and force my arch when sitting down.

      I hope I get better by Monday...

    13 October 2011


      So this guy tells me that ballet is boring and that dance club just makes our bodies hurt. What is he throwing at me? I mean what the heck will he get from saying these things anyway? He’s not even part of Dance club! Well, he was but he quit and told me he hates it.

      Ok, I have to understand that when you go professional there will be standing ovations and tomato throwing. There will be times when you’ll be booed off the stage and, when that happens, you just have to remember all the people who said you were talented.

      I still have my loyal Dance club-ers to count on for inspiration. Yes my own students inspire me. They inspire me to keep going because they like what I do, that what I do works for them. They are so much nicer than my little critic anyway.

      It’s useless to ask “What did I do to get this kind of treatment?” because we’ll never know. So many different things go on in people’s minds and there could be a thousand things for him to dislike me. Maybe he finds me annoying, self centered. Or maybe he’s just jealous or doesn't even know the magnitude of what he's saying… :P

      And maybe ballet is boring, TO HIM. And maybe dance club is a strenuous activity, FOR HIM. It’s all a matter of opinion and one guy with foul mouth aint’ gonna’ make mah dance club crumble!!!! Movie stars get it all the time, I mean all this talk of Justin Bieber or Charice being cyber bullied. That’s how it rolls…
    Haters only make you famous!

    A Visit from Ballet Philippines

    Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales
     Watched Ballet Philippines perform "Faces of Eve" in SM Mall Davao on Sunday. They were so good!! What I noticed most of all was that their jumps were silent, as in soundless! They performed both classical and contemporary pieces. I took some videos but, unfortunately, they won't upload.The pictures are kinda blurry too T_T.

      Most of what they performed were works by Filipino artists (Go Pinoy!) like; "To Whom It May Concern" by Novy Bereber, "Crisostomo Ibarra" <3 by: Paul Alexander Morales, and a lot more. They also performed Variations from "Harlequinade", and "The Sleeping Beauty".

      I'd say my favorite part was a contemporary piece in which the dancers wore white. I forgot it's title but it was  a really exciting piece.

    Locsin's students with BP dancers

      I wish ballet companies would come to perform more often, I mean, we need stuff like this! There's barely any "happenings" around here and when there is the people of Davao flock in one place to be there.

      Anyway, here's a link to the company members of BP:
    Ballet Philippines - THE COMPANY
    I recognize some dancers including the one I was starstruck with <3 LOL :P Hehe