15 November 2011

More Vaganova

  Whew just finished writing down the barre work for my class with Kuya Henry. We did a Vaganova class today. Super tiring. But I like it. I'm more of an Epaulemnt person rather than a leg strength person... Though sometimes Kuya Henry says I'm to "flowery".
  You know what they say that you shouldn't have two different teachers? It's true... Its pretty confusing. One moment I'm being praised for something I did right by Kuya Henry, next I'm being scolded at for doing the same thing by Teacher Agnes (or sometimes, the other way around)!
  Am really thinking hard about spending summer in Manila. My friend from ballet told me about Steps. I'm looking at their website right now ^_^. I wonder if it's hard to switch from Vaganova to RAD....
  Last year I watched, like, every episode of Dance 212, and there was this ballerina, Amber Miller (same name as me, OH YEAH!!!), training with the Ellison Ballet. She's really graceful and looks so calm while dancing. I admire her so! I think Ellison is also Vaganova, so... :
  Watched this video of the Ellison Ballet students and they are AH-MAY-ZING:

Amber Miller is the blonde girl in the beginning :) Just so you know...

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