31 July 2011

Faster, Feet, Faster!

  I kind of have to work on the speed of my entre checats (I'm not even sure that's how you spell it). My feet just wont listen to the music.... And the Neopolian Dance is pretty much about that, fast footwork...

Really fast.

30 July 2011


Poreotics Dance Crew
Started class this week! Whew! I can still dance... Relief, Oh yeah! And during Math period in school I thought of the cutest thing:

Anne breaks 2 pointe shoes every month. She broke1 this month already. Fill in the graph.

Month | Pointes
0     -1 
1      1  
2      3
3      5

Plus, my friend Pat, and I opened a Hip Hop and Jazz dance club at school. First class starts this Friday, I'm so EXCITED!!!! I'm so inspired by Poreotics...

21 July 2011

Wake up call...

  I want to be a ballerina but it doesn't mean I can't pursue other things. I'd still want to be onstage though... I love performing. You realize these things when you stop for a while. It's like a wake up call, a wake up call made by resting. I guess injuries are signs that you should take break from what your doing and just take it easy, both physically and emotionally.

  Whats funny is that I got injured in P.E. so does this mean I should rest from P.E. or what... Well I'll get to rest from everything anyway. I'll still come to ballet class though, but I'll just observe.

Colorful Hairpins  ♥

20 July 2011


  I bumped my knee today when I jumped on the stage of the school gym during P.E. we were playing freeze tag...
  Yeah, really stupid. It hurts to go down the stairs and to bend it. The worst part is, I didn't injure it doing ballet. Sure I love to run, because I can run reaaaaaaly fast, but it's kinda shameful... most of this is because of carelessness.
My friends were so nice, they were bringing my stuff for me and helping me get up... I didn't go to ballet today, and  I probably can't for a week...
 I hope I can still get back to dancing... Heartbroken. T_T

Gillian Murphy
I'll still be able to do this right?

Look at the bright side, at least I can concentrate on my studies...

18 July 2011


  Went to class today. I have a ton of things to work on.
Straitening my knees, pulling up and much to my disappointment my arch...
If only my foot looked like this:

Svetlana Zakharova

For now, I hope it will...


Lisa Macuja-Elizalde
BM's Artistic Director
  Came home from Manila this yesterday morning.

  On Friday, we arrived at the studio in Donada St. Pasay City at around 5:30 p.m. the studio was soooooo big! Pictures of Lisa, hung on all corners of the room... I stretched as much as I could and hoped for the best... 

  30 minutes later, class started. It' was really something else, the girls I was with were something else. It's like they would never get tired! Sky high extentions, arched feet...

  I did well, I guess, because they asked me to come back the next day for company class at 3 p.m. I was terrified. Company Class. How hard does that sound??!!

  Mr. Barroso, BM's Ballet Master, said I could join for 30 minutes on the barre, just so he could asses me. Whew! I thought he'd make me take the whole class. But he assured me it would not be difficult because the dancers just came home from Ireland. "Jetlag" he said, smiling.

  I could feel the dancers' energy during class. Their arms, legs, and head coordinated so well. Some were even smiling, emoting!

  Before class Mr. Barroso asked Mom what our plan was if I made 'the cut.' "She just wanted to try it out. It's actually our birthday gift for her"

Happy birthday meeeeeeeee!!!!! LoL

09 July 2011

Top 5 Dream Roles 2011

 I know I'm crazy.. I like to imagine myself already a well renowned dancer and that imagining inspired me to write this. I wish some one, a choreographer, would make a role for me.... With lots of turns and extensions in the choreo... hahaha well, if your as crazy as me... Keep Dreaming!

  If I get to, these are the top 5 Ballets I would like to star in:

1. Manon. Role: Manon (lead)
  This is a beautiful work. It's elegant, fresh and I love the depth of the story. Manon wants everything. She wants money, but also, true love (kinda like me). In the end, she loses everything and dies in a swamp in the hands of her lover...

This is her solo:

And for the die hards:

2. Raymonda. Role: Raymonda (lead)
  I love how much control and fire the dancer must have to achieve the perfect Raymonda. Sometimes when it's danced too slowly she looks old (in my opinion)... + the music gets me all the time ;)
Please watch:

and for the obsessed:

3. Swan Lake. Role: Odette/ Odille (lead)
  Please do not tease me about Black Swan... I want this role because of its dual personality thing and how the choreography really plays a part in the story. It needs a good actress..

4. La Bayadere. Role: Nikiya
  I think this role needs a lot of intensity and at the same time grace... and I <3 back bends!

5. Giselle. Role: Giselle (lead)
Ahh, Giselle so beautiful and pure, gentle and sweet... I do love her innocence.

In the middle of the ballet she dies of a broken heart,
 Mad Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Dz3zgarUM&feature=related
And the story goes on with Giselle as a Willi (ghost):

 The message of this ballet is: Love is stronger than death...
<3 <3 <3

06 July 2011

Double Pirouettes

  Another ballet class...
I'm proud of myself today. After being asked to do a double turn everyone (even the students from the higher level) clapped :)) I think my strength is turns. I feel a wonderful feeling, almost like flying for the very few seconds that I'm spinning .
  Speaking of Pirouettes, the word actually means " to whirl about" in French, and nows the perfect time to share the 32 Fouettes from Swan Lake!

03 July 2011

To My Friends And Teachers...

LCBPAC  2011 Summer Showcase- ALIVE 
 My friends and teachers, thank you for your support, I love you all!!! You know guys I haven't gotten that far yet, there's no need to be too emotional. But still, I appreciate it.
  When I opened my Facebook today, I was surprised by all my notifications. Yesterday, I wrote:


My friends reacted to this saying things like:
  • where will you go amber?? :(
  • ai ui..amber..I'll miss you.
  • Amber :( you didn't even take time to say goodbye to me :((( haha! i'll see you around :* !
  • ambah!!! you didn't even say goodbye... :"(((
Then my ballet teacher said:

Hi Amber, Tcher Cecile here, wishing your dreams come true...continue your love for dance and stay as pretty as you are. We are just a text away :)

My Hip hop teacher:

Never give up ha. I'll be cheering you on.

Then the wall posts:

amber!!!! you didnt even tell me you were leaving! kahapon ko lang nalaman (I only found out yesterday). i was looking for you during tap class and they were like "nag quit na si amber" (amber quit) and i was like "?!?!??!?!...?!?!?!?" AMBERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you didnt even say goodbye :(


Amber, audition for PHSA, Philippine High School for the Arts. You could get a dance scholarship there. :)

I'm sorry about the part where I didn't say goodbye, I'll always remember you guys, and I hope you guys will always remember me!!!!

AMBER! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT SEEING YOU, it was boring cos you wernt there. imytoooosoooomuch you're mean man uyyyyy biglaan man pag alis mo, pajd when you lefti want there i wasn't there pjd pag alis mo* (I wasn't there when you left).

  I'm sorry for those who felt like my friend who wrote this, Hahaha, at least I know people like me :P

True friends will forever stay in the heart... <3

02 July 2011

Missing Hip hop...

LCB Hip Hop Studio
    Boredom. My classmates are now in Hip hop finishing Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" by Kyle Hanagami  and Miki Emura. I miss LCB PAC, though I'm always laughed at in Hip hop. "Don't turn out!" "Hahaha, Amber, you don't look good dancing Hip hop," Aww, well I like Hip hop. The movement; so bouncy and energetic, and the music; upbeat and fun. But I really couldn't make myself look it.
  Had my first ballet class at the Locsin's Dance Workshop today. We left 30 minutes before time and arrived there early. But I was still late because I didn't know that my class was in the second floor. When I came up the rest of the class was already doing tendus. I felt almost intimidated with the other students but soon realized it was just the right level.

  Our instructor, Teacher Henry, is very particular about pull up.  Here in Locsin's I have to  relax my arms some more while in LCB, they tell me to put life into them. Two places so close to each other, already so different.

  Right now, I'm  concerned with my diet I have to cross-train. My body will still eat like I'm doing the intense everyday classes even though its just a mild thrice-a-week :D

  Looking forward to my next class hopefully I can take pictures around the studio. Another thing to look forward to is my audition in Ballet Manila... Excitement!

Summer 2011
P.S. We don't have pointe class until, probably, the end of the month. I'll try to practice at home. Though I heard its not safe.