07 July 2012

Brunch at UP DIliman

    Before heading to PETA for the workshop the other day, Lola Bengay, with whom we stayed with for the duration of the workshop, took us around the UP Diliman campus. There's this jinx going around the school that if you take a photo with the Oblation {the statue} before you graduate, you wont graduate in time...

  BUT! Since, Lola Bengay and Mom said, I havn't enrolled yet {and am not even in collage} the jinx does not apply :P

  UP is the largest campus I have ever been to. When I visited the Ateneo Collage here in Davao, I was already awed but, goodness! UP Diliman has a highway!!! #FirstTime ^_^ LoL. Another interesting thing that Mom couldn't get over with was the jeep. Instead of street names on their routes, there were the names of the buildings in the campus :) The one we rode passed by the Math and Registrar building and something else too that I forgot...

Going around UP Campus in a jeep with Lola Bengay.

  We ate 'student food' brunch at Rodic's. I quit my no pork diet :P

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