26 December 2011

Holiday Reading

  Hey everybody! I hope your Christmas was great! ^_^ I didn't get any Ballet related presents but my holiday was still sweet :)
  I'm finally reading Apollo's Angels now after abandoning it when I went through that weird depression thing while I was taking medication for my foot...long story O_O I can't believe I did that. I skipped the Louise the XVI parts and went straight to Chapter 4: Romantic Illusions and the Rise of the Ballerina, which concentrates on French writers of the 1800 and Marie Taglioni, our dearest Pointe-pioneer XD
  Am suddenly interested in La Sylphide and am surprised by how it actually started. At that time France was, apparently, into the supernatural and ethereal stuff so the ballet was a major hit...
  The choreography has a lot of weightless-looking steps and jumps. I'm not really the jumping type of gal but it's still cute. I noticed the music is kind of pleasant if you don't look at the eerie stage set ^_^

Evgenia Obraztsova and Leonid Sarafanov in La Sylphide

22 December 2011


What can one ballerina do to help?!
Please, please, lots of people have died in the cities of Cagagayan de Oro and Illigan because of Typhoon Sendong (Washi). We cannot blame Mother Nature, and we cannot turn back time, but we can fix what both have done. Dancing friends out there, who wants to organize a charity show? 

  Last year we danced for a cause in LCB. One of the former teachers' son was diagnosed with a tumor. We danced a few songs from past recitals, so it was easy enough because we already knew the dances.

Please help these people with you'r talent!


  After watching the Onegin movie with Mom, I did some You Tube stalking. John Cranko's Onegin was uploaded by Genrietta in 9 parts :D Thanks so much!
  Recognized the music in Olga and Lenski's Pas de Deux. Teacher Cecil used it a lot in LCB. I could remember.. .Those were the most tiring barre works...

21 December 2011

No Breaking Pointe

  Mom made, actually drew, me this shirt today:

Thanks Mom!

  Read Ballet NEWS' Cupcakes and Conversation with Yolanda Correa... Gosh she is so inspired! She just loves ballet more than anything and that's so cool :D hehe


Drew this long ago... :D Teheee... Found it in my drawing book today :D

20 December 2011

Morning in Mintal

Mom trying to learn the Lumad language
  This morning, Mom drove us all the way to Mintal. It was a one hour drive and it was worth it.
  First, we met up with Mom's friend Tita Hannah, who showed us around. We went to visit the Lumads who had come to the Mintal Gym to spend their Christmas. Mom asked them to translate some Bisaya words into their language.

  Also met some kids who were from the relocation area near Philippine Science High School.

L to R: Nicole, Marian, Me, Mary,and Angel
  Got to visit a Daycare where 66 children ages 3-6 stay while their mothers go to work. Would you believe that 33 children can fit into here?

Before we left I asked for remembrance... Autographs!

We visited this daycare center where 30 children crowd in regularly :(

Wish there was an dance outreach program...

Music Recital

From L to R: Pat, Me, and Eric

Whew! Stress is over! Dance Club Performed for the Music Recital in School which, thankfully, only the parents of participants watched. We did it! Though, they exited before it was time because they forgot the steps... O.O We carried it well though. Eric did some freestyle :D Heres a clip:

Me and pat with our teachers

18 December 2011

Party with the Over-Arched Pointe Shoe Killerz

Last night went to the party of my good friend. She does Ballet in R.A.D. She also introduced me to another friend who also does R.A.D. It was crazy.. They just killed their pointes that very day. They literally cracked their shank. Seriously it split! Was so fun.. we were trying them on and talking ballet!
  They're over-arched.. They also gave me some tips on improving mine :D .
  I also found out from them that Grishkos "fossilize" which mean they harden if you don't use them for a long time O_O Will not wear my pointes for the whole Christmas break :)

14 December 2011

The Dancer's Vacation

Layers of luscious Chocopology... 
  The last of the cake my Ninang (godmother) sent us was eaten today. It was our dessert for the past three nights and it was d e l i c i o u s!

  I plan not to gain much during the holidays but I realize that's kind of impossible... With this cake alone... There's still this box of Polvoron :S Oh well,I wonder if pros who do Nutcracker for the Christmas gain any weight.. I wonder if they even have a vacation... I mean, won't they slow down?

   I'm so worried about the Dance Club tomorrow. Were going to perform for the Music Recital, as a trial... I don't think we'll be allowed to put up our own show T_T.... Shame on me...

13 December 2011

The Show

On that day I was like, "It's finally over!!!" Now I feel like "There's no Ballet tonight?" the recital went pretty well. We had class before the actual performance, which I thought was helpful. Then we put on our makeup.
  I felt my hands tense just right before our turn O_O
  During one of the practices, I actually got kicked in the face accidentally when I moved to close to one of my classmates. Sigh, the importance of formation...
  We didn't stay to long for the Christmas Party (I was still full from the heavy Sunday lunch). After we were still able to watch the LCB Show. I wanna go back for Jazz!!!! T_T I miss all my friends! They all grew soooo tall!!!! When my friend Josh greeted me after the performance he lifted me up in the air "Amber!" (me screaming)

Heres a video of the Locsin's recital. I'm the one on the far right, backless leotard :D 

BTW, our carol won second place :) hehehe...

10 December 2011

Dress Rehaersal

You know what was so weird today? This afternoon, when I sorted through my ballet bag, I found a chocolate nugget. A sealed chocolate nugget. Someone in Locsin's must'v dropped in in my bag. I ate it with my sisters. it was cookies and cream. You know, the Hershey's kind? hehehe ^_^
  I wonder if that was a sign, and if it was, what did it mean?
We had dress rehearsal today. No make up though....
  Recital tomorrow!!!!

08 December 2011

OK, It's Really Showtime!!!

Only three days 'till our recital! The weather has been downright cold and I feel rusty :| Time to bring out the warm-ups and cardigans XD And to think were a tropical country!
 Of course, a Christmas recital is not complete without a nativity scene. My role is the Angel A.K.A Star, and I mean it literally. I have to hold a star. The first plan was that I would sit on the barre. Today, after yesterday's clumsy tries, teacher Agnes told me to just pose on releve behind the Holy family :) Whew!
  Our Christmas carol is going great. I'ts comical and action packed so we got it good ;)
  Headaches on the dance floor: I'm glad we still have a week before our Dance Club presentation, But gosh the attendance, we still don't have a final formation! The younger members (the dedicated ones) are really improving though. I'm really proud of them :D
  As Pat said, "We WILL have a good show!"

03 December 2011

Sighing on a Saturday

  First time to go en pointe away from the barre since I moved to Locsins. It was hard and I wasn't going on full pointe.
  Teacher Agnes and the adult students were talking about plants :) She said "Thats what my next piece is going to be about, water, air, and fire, and how they affect vegetation."
  At home right now. Will stretch while watching "Captain America" with little brother :P Sigh, lazy Saturday internet time :)
  Kinda inspired by Miss Universe. Watching videos on You Tube because I'm supposed to tsunami walk during our Christmas Carol O_O
  Wish me Luck!

02 December 2011

School Dance

Random school pic of light
reflecting on a table ;)
  If you are one of my classmates, and your reading this, I wouldn't feel so bad if you don't like me. I acted really rotten and managed my class in the worst possible way for a teacher to manage it and I feel bad...

  When our guidance counselor told us that each class is to present at the school Christmas party, she immediately put me and Eric in charge. This noontime, I showed my friend, Alex, some steps I made up. I'm happy I did this. She helped me add some steps to some dull moments and we kept laughing because one of us had to do the guy part.
  That afternoon, when I taught the steps, none of them would listen. We second years are the largest class in the entire high school of a small school. There's about 18 of us and more boys than girls, so we had to have two guys per girl. None of the guys were listening. They were busy laughing, talking, and literally, rolling on the floor... You'd know if you passed through second year high or have brothers that age.. the things they think of!

  I got mad and freaked out. I shouted at them. My girl friends were horrified. they were like "Guys, c'mon, Amber's mad na" Alex took it from there. They listened to her. why can't they listen to me!? I'm thankful to Alex for helping me it was much easier...

  How do you teach second year boys to dance?

Stolen pic of my guy classmates :P