29 November 2012


Hey There!

I'm actually in London right now. It's freezing! Today the temperature is said to drop all the way to 0ÂșC. Brrrrrr!

We're here for my sisters Scoliosis which you can read more about in my Mom's blog; Between Now And Later.

Last week, Saturday to be precise, I attended my first Floor Barre class at Ballet For You with Selena Cundari. It was pretty cool and relaxing with some Pilattes sequences and breathing.

I originally planned to join the class until the end of the term which would mean three classes. Unfortunately, due to Dad's travel plans and Ashley's busy therapy schedule, I desided to drop out.

Not to worry! There's Pineapple. Yes, Pineapple! Pineapple Dance Studios, in Covent Garden, holds open classes every day of the week (including Sundays). This afternoon I attended a Musical Theatre Jazz class. It was so fun! We did a heart-pumping warm up-- very much like the ones in LCB and spent the rest of the class perfecting a Fosse routine. The instructor was really concentrated on acting and performing the steps. I oh so want to go back, try out more classes!

We we're walking around Covent Garden yesterday and we (accidentally) found a Bloch store!

We watched the English National Opera perform Carmen last week. It was in English and that disappointed me, I was expecting the original French version, but the orchestra was so good! ♡

09 November 2012

Time To Heal

  Aren't you supposed to feel better after resting!?

  Well during the vacation week, I went running with my dad almost everyday. I didn't like running before because I was always getting side stitches because of my breathing. After some research, I was able to run two rounds at Victoria Plaza though (my record) without having any side stitch so... I feel successful! Hehehe :D

  My foot started hurting the week before vacation time started. It got quite worse and I didn't know what to do. I tried not to cry during pointe class on Wednesday. A part of me wanted to quit ballet again! When my classmates saw me crying last night after class though, they were all so encouraging. Lois said that I shouldn't quit because I'm good, Christine suggested having my foot checked, and Teacher Sweet (whose babies ballet class I assisted in last summer) told me about dancing in a recital two weeks after she broke her foot.

  I guess this foot of mine just wants more rest. I think it would be prudent telling Teacher Agnes about it but (ok here goes) I'm scared. The exercise she taught me really helped my back but what an injurious person I would seem! I also don't see anything but rest for this foot anyway... + I'm not joining the recital again, but more on that soon...

  I've been alternating hot and cold compress and it seems to be working. I apply hot before dancing and ice after. It doesn't hurt in the morning, but as the day progresses, so does the pain.

  I should really asses how I react to these bad days. I guess I'm too-- passionate. I hear many say that that's  a good thing but, in my opinion, it could also mean being rash and impulsive. Take this week; after pointe class, I was lamenting about my foot and ballet, and wanting to quit, without thinking about anything positive at all! Without thinking that there is time to heal, and that I don't have to be too serious about ballet if I don't want it as a career anymore. The world's not gonna end.

  Just this evening, I thought to myself: 'I'll go to ballet tomorrow.' A pointe of my injured foot told me 'No'. Why should I compromise myself? It is an admirable thing to keep pushing on and have strong will but there is a difference, a big difference, between being strong and just (ugh) hurting yourself