28 October 2011

Happenings; Yesterday, Today, etc.

Yes! Got to attend one on one class yesterday :D We had to end early because the older levels had rehearsals. Grrr... Can't get the steps right away '_' "Don't over-think, just dance!" Kuya Henry keeps reminding me. What worries me about myself is that maybe I'm not over-thinking, maybe I'm not thinking at all! :( Not good. This was exactly my problem in LCB.The reason I got reprimanded and cried :S. Brain cells must start working faster >_<
  I have a new point of view with dancing now. Instead of the usual "No pain no gain", It's more of applying the little steps on the barre to other things. For example: when we do plies I won't just concentrate an the step right now, it's not just getting it right and stuff, but while doing it I'll think about the muscles I'm using and how it will help with center work and the choreography.
Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

     * * *

  School Halloween party this afternoon!!! Hahaha! Of course my very first choice was to go as a ballerina but then I don't have a tutu so I decided to go as a pirate :| Now I'm having second thoughts of going in tights and leotards in a wrap-around skirt and pointe shoes... Oh and, just an idea, copy the makeup from "Black Swan"!!!:P

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