05 November 2011

Ballet Flats

Went to Locsin's really early today. I wanted to warm up really well before pointe class. Class is usually 9:00 a.m. for those on pointe. 9:30 is when ballet 3, 4, and 5 have class together on soft shoes.
  I later learned, from my other classmates, that there was no pointe class this morning because Teacher Agnes wasn't there :( So much for being early... Most of my classmates were relieved, though, "Whew! Thank goodness... I have a blister"
  The class was taught by Kuya Henry. After barre and center, we ran through the choreo twice... Good class..

When I got home, I fixed my ballet shoes... The cloth inside doesn't stick anymore... Just glued it back in place :))

  Thought: Should have had it washed during the vacation O_O

  I have a dark blister on my big toe >_<   Not the worst though... I've had others with water inside, with the skin coming off... with blood...

 Sorry :P I don't mean to be disgusting...

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