20 November 2011

Thin Legs, Thick Legs (lets not say fat)

  Can't seem to accept the fact that I'll never be as skinny as dancers like Alina Somova, Amber Miller, or Adji Cissoko (whose legs look like they go on forever!) :(  The circumference of their legs are probably half of mine and their way older...
Adji Cissoko, Corps de Ballet
National Ballet of Canada
  I feel very sluggish and unhealthy these days and I can't jump... this lethargy is also keeping my from stretching and improving in terms of flexibility..  
  I don't know, when I stand in fifth, crois√©, and look at the mirror I am horrified by my legs. Though I'm tall, I find my legs short looking.
Melissa Hough
  I don't want to compare myself to others just to make myself feel good. My moms strategy is; "If your legs are big what do you call other people's?" I don't like saying this to myself because its the same as; "I don't have to work so hard because I'm not the worst student in class"
  But maybe this is whats burning me out...

  I'll start looking at dancers like Melissa Hough and Alina Cojocaru who have thicker legs. Their just as graceful. 
  Typed this with my pointe shoes on :P Just for the record.

 Alina Cojocaru Interview <3


  1. Too self critical. Enjoy what you have dear and give your best!!!

  2. Thanks :D Easy for you to say, long-legs :P LoL