02 December 2011

School Dance

Random school pic of light
reflecting on a table ;)
  If you are one of my classmates, and your reading this, I wouldn't feel so bad if you don't like me. I acted really rotten and managed my class in the worst possible way for a teacher to manage it and I feel bad...

  When our guidance counselor told us that each class is to present at the school Christmas party, she immediately put me and Eric in charge. This noontime, I showed my friend, Alex, some steps I made up. I'm happy I did this. She helped me add some steps to some dull moments and we kept laughing because one of us had to do the guy part.
  That afternoon, when I taught the steps, none of them would listen. We second years are the largest class in the entire high school of a small school. There's about 18 of us and more boys than girls, so we had to have two guys per girl. None of the guys were listening. They were busy laughing, talking, and literally, rolling on the floor... You'd know if you passed through second year high or have brothers that age.. the things they think of!

  I got mad and freaked out. I shouted at them. My girl friends were horrified. they were like "Guys, c'mon, Amber's mad na" Alex took it from there. They listened to her. why can't they listen to me!? I'm thankful to Alex for helping me it was much easier...

  How do you teach second year boys to dance?

Stolen pic of my guy classmates :P

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