26 December 2011

Holiday Reading

  Hey everybody! I hope your Christmas was great! ^_^ I didn't get any Ballet related presents but my holiday was still sweet :)
  I'm finally reading Apollo's Angels now after abandoning it when I went through that weird depression thing while I was taking medication for my foot...long story O_O I can't believe I did that. I skipped the Louise the XVI parts and went straight to Chapter 4: Romantic Illusions and the Rise of the Ballerina, which concentrates on French writers of the 1800 and Marie Taglioni, our dearest Pointe-pioneer XD
  Am suddenly interested in La Sylphide and am surprised by how it actually started. At that time France was, apparently, into the supernatural and ethereal stuff so the ballet was a major hit...
  The choreography has a lot of weightless-looking steps and jumps. I'm not really the jumping type of gal but it's still cute. I noticed the music is kind of pleasant if you don't look at the eerie stage set ^_^

Evgenia Obraztsova and Leonid Sarafanov in La Sylphide

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