15 October 2011

One On One

I wish I could stretch like that...
  Had a one on one class with Kuya Henry, the Ballet Manila trained teacher, last night. When I woke up this morning I felt very sick. I think I'll have to miss pointe class tomorrow T_T. Why, why, why? This flu has been going around me and my classmates at school. My head hurts so much... I don't remember the last time I had fever. I'm just watching ballet videos and reading BalletNEWS' Cupcakes & Conversation Series.

  Last night Kuya Henry asked me if I was on a diet to which I replied no. It was time I started counting my food, he said, because my tummy sticks out. I tried doing sit ups every day before, when I was still in LCB, but my little bulge just wont go down! :P

  He taught me this stretching routine which they did in BM. Its called Vaganova Stretch. It's really different when there's someone there to help you stretch. It's easier and you get a better stretch. I should do this more often.

   On the barre he said, "Slowly when you move! In ballet your movement is as if you are in an aquarium." which gave me an idea of practicing Por de Bras in a swimming pool. We did pirouettes across the room. "When you turn, attack, no, the attack in ballet is different, were not going to war!"

  Oh yeah and we just used music from the radio, not classical. He said classical makes him sleepy :P

  He also gave me tips for a higher arch. I should wear my pointe shoes around the house and force my arch when sitting down.

  I hope I get better by Monday...

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