26 November 2011

Busy :|

Teacher Agnes

  Mom and I left the house at 8:30 A.M. I was panicking because I thought I would be late. And I almost was. I got inside Locsin's just 10 minutes before time. Much to my relief, Teacher Agnes was outside. I smiled and she smiled back which I though was very un-Teacher Agnes like. I wondered if she was in a good mood. I wondered if she really doesn't like me and if today's class would be good or not.

  The class was rather tiring but I blame that on my busy week. I'm really busy, with the dance club and schoolwork. With ballet to top it off. I had to reduce my one on one classes from twice, to once a week.

  Teacher Agnes made me feel better about my legs when she said my knees were straight and I should just work harder :)

  I now know why my tummy's so big. It's not fat, it's because of my very arched back :| I have to practice standing up straighter, ribs in...

  I don't know what to think of having a teacher telling me off all the time. Does it mean she sees potential so she's trying to hone me or the opposite...


  1. Just dropping by to check out on you blog and thank god that I did. Cool photos you have and love your blog too. Being a ballerina is a childhood dream for me. Unfortunately it never came my way. Anyway, Hope you can visit mine as well. Giveaways will be up soon! Have a great day! xo

    Fashion blogger

  2. Hi! Thank's for dropping by :) I did visit your blog and I love fashion too (actually wanted to be a fashion designer when I was, like, 7)! I should really read add your blog to my reading list, since I'm a lover of pretty things <3
    Thanks Again! ^_^