16 November 2011

Silent Kindess

  Inah is in the Ballet 4 class at Locsin's. She's tall and long with really nice feet. There's one thing that sets her apart from the other dancers; she is deaf and mute. In class, her friends relay Teacher Agnes' instructions through sign language and physical correction (moving the leg/arms to the right place/position). According to my classmates she can only hear the vibration and the base of instruments. But that doesn't stop her form dancing and doing her best. And much more...
  This evening in my class, Ballet 3, we were doing jumps from the corner of the room. As I positioned myself, moving my arms from Bra Bas to first, I felt a slight tugging at my Derrier (back) leg. I glance at my back and realized that Inah was trying to turn out my leg. She was helping me, and in the only way she knew how.
 A lot of people have called out to me, "Amber, turn out, Point your toes, breathe," But Inah cant speak, yet she went up to me and helped me like anyone could. I appreciated her kindness and concern..
  If your reading this, Inah, I hope you know that I'm very grateful... Thank you... loads!

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