24 October 2011

Ballet is Beautiful!

After fighting over the chocolate-pointe shoe thing :P

Ahhh... The world is beautiful again! I got my energy back and I don't feel down anymore :D I'm so happy... Had class today and the choreography is great! Class again tomorrow. One on one.

  Over the weekend my parents encouraged me to eat chocolate. Yes, chocolate! Ha ha! They said that when you eat chocolate, your body releases some kind of hormone that makes you... Happy :D So I had the privilege of eating a chocolate cake for desert after lunch and some pieces of chocolate before sleeping <3 Looks like chocolate is actually good for you :) Will find a way to smuggle chocolate somewhere in the house for my own personal enjoyment... One small serving per day will keep me on my toes, I'm sure <3

  Speaking of chocolate, and remembering my pointe shoes, I had this fight with a friend in LCB once because she put chocolate on my pointes! We did not talk for the whole day but in the end, we made up and hugged and cried :P

  LOL, Just read from Dance Magazine E-news that candies and chocolate can reduce your risk of being overweight! O_O Really?..

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