12 November 2011

Shallow Happiness...

  One of my classmates has been bringing a ballpen to class. I thought at first she was just being funny but today Teacher Agnes asked for it. I thought she was going to confiscate it but instead she gave it to another classmate. Turns out your supposed to hold it with only your thumb to correct the hands.

  Teacher Agnes pointed out the Ballet 3 class one by one. "You have to keep practicing, you have to concentrate, etc., etc." To me (and a few others)  she said "Mababaw lang ang kaligayahan mo, your contented without having to work so hard!"


  Yesterday at Dance Club. I only had 2 students. I taught them a routine to Katy Perry's ET. It was mostly arm movements. I made them look like one person with many arms :D Should have taken a video!

  One of my own DC students taught me to baby freeze!!! I'm so happy!!!!! :D

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