29 August 2011

Swimming On Our Toes

The pool in Northcrest where we go swimming.

   On Sunday, we went swimming. My sis, Ashley, and I were racing from one end of the pool to another and dancing. Yes, dancing, in the pool. We could actually go en pointe in the water. Of course, without shoes, but we'd let the water 'support' us as we went up on our bare toes. LOL, we could split underwater :P

  We go swimming in Northcrest subdivision in Cabantian, somewhere North of Davao. That's also where my Mom takes pictures for her blog, Trying Hard To Be Still.

  Our feet kind of looked like this underwater. :D Fun. I wonder when our pointe classes will start?

Bananas After Ballet Class

O_O This just makes my mouth WATER!!!
If only the ice cream were chocolate :P
    It was Saturday and my sister and I went to ballet... After class my teacher was calling someone to get a banana because one of my classmates hadn't eaten any breakfast yet. "Very powerful, bananas." she said.  When I got home I ate one, remembering what she said. Yeah, their high in Potassium, I think, or was that something else... :P Oh well, I'll try to eat one everyday. I remember before, when my mom suffered from this Vertigo thingy, the doctor told her to eat bananas. :D

  Hahaha, just now I thought of Banana Split, mmm, Yum! I bet I'm making you hungry :P speaking of which, I've been feeling very hungry this weekend. I guess its because of my semi vegetarian diet. You see, for the past two weeks, the lunch I've been taking to school is just salad. Sometimes a little fish or chicken in it, so I have had virtually NO meat since my birthday.

  Last night, Dad bought chicken barbecue and, man, I ate like a pig!

27 August 2011

My "Essay" on Ballet

  I was going to make a To Do list yesterday when I came across a page on my notebook. It said Essay on Ballet and I quickly remembered that before going to my first ballet class, Mom made me wright an essay for my reason.
  This is what I wrote:

"I want to do Ballet because it looks interesting. I'd like to try it and it also looks fun. I like to dance too. The reason I chose ballet is because I like seeing people dance it. I know some things aren't as easy as they look but I will exert myself at this one :D. With the aim of going to a recital."
  I was around 11 at that time, I think, and the very next day I called Locsin's and inquired about the classes. I was in Ballet level 2.
  Just a though: I wish there was a ballet/dance/arts museum here. What memorabilia would be displayed there?....

25 August 2011

Bunheads in Davao Museum

  Today, my class went on a field trip to the Davao Museum. I noticed these mannequins and the way their hair was fixed reminded me so much of ballet buns :D Hehehe.... The "hair" is actually made of paper:

  Ballet everywhere... :P

  So obsessed!

  Plus; I just want to add that August is "Buan ng Wika" or "Language Month" here in the Philippines. Tomorrow is also our school's Filipino Festival. I'm excited. We are encouraged to go in costume and, until now, I was worrying about what to wear.... :D I'm keeping it simple. I don't expect to win best in costume, but I always find dressing up fun.
  How about a tutu for Halloween?

23 August 2011

To Go? Or Not To Go?

  I'm so sure, I want a summer in Ballet Manila. Even if it means no more regular school for next year. But my mom isn't sure if I should go this summer or wait till the year after... I don't know either, something tells me I should go. One of my friends said:
 "Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who pursue"
Can this be true?

19 August 2011

2 weeks

Ballet Manila's Crystal Gala

  2 weeks of NO Dance Club... Sigh, usually, by now, I'd be counting the minutes before well be dismissed. Today is Kadayawan, a local holiday... Next Friday is our schools Filipino Festival, and its only half a day. If only we could present something for Filipino Fest but I know nothing about folk dancing! :O Except maybe the Filipino folk tales turned Ballet! :P

Candice Adea in Agnes Locsin's Encantada


  Hey, I have tumblr now!!! YEAH! I know a lot more people have tumblr so you can follow me if your one of them <3 Here's a link:

YEAH! Follow me :D....

15 August 2011

Beginner ballerina...

  I remember that time when I  just started dancing ballet and I'd give my all in every class. I would exert so much effort and I would look forward to every class. But I didn't know then that i was exerting the wrong kind of effort. You know, I would put weight on the pointing leg in a tendu, I wouldn't really go down on a plie because it looked more graceful small... That's where technique comes in. That's where Ballet is difficult.. You have to exert the right kind of effort in the right place...

13 August 2011

Friday Jazz Class

  Ok, so Jazz is more difficult than Hip Hop. A lot of the students don't get it that you have to stand straight, and some cringe at the sight of a pointed foot...
  I went thru the basics: Chases and Pas de Bourres then we did Channes. Whew! Jazz has a looong way to go but I hope they like it! :D
  Another Ballet class today... Pour de Bras on Releve are still so hard :'(
My mom is giving me a choice between a summer in Ballet Manila or school next year...

11 August 2011


  Tomorrow's Friday. Dance Club day.
I wonder how many people will come since its Jazz and a lot are uncertain. I'm counting on those who used to take Jazz or are currently in Ballet to show up. I'm a little nervous, I have to say. I'll probably be angry if very few come. There's also the first quarter exams people are studying for, which, I'm not that nervous for, and I don't know if it's wrong or right of me...
  I can only wait for tomorrow and hope for the best...

Jazz is freedom!!! <3 Really, It feels like running... If you could speak dance, Jazz would probably mean:

Let go!!!

09 August 2011

Guy Problems

  Ok, so, this guy tells my friend Pat, that he's not joining our dance crew unless we have Poreotics and Quest Crew choreography! He also says hes not joining Jazz because its too "Ballet for him."
  Really, I wanna say:
  "WTH!!! Is he BRIBING us? Does he think we need him?! Whats wrong with my choreo? Fine you can baby freeze, I can't... have you  even seen what Jazz really IS? Huh?!"
  But, yeah, people like that turn up, I shouldn't be too harsh or affected... Boys :P LOL.
  I still got a lot of people hesitant about Jazz and I have this feeling that their not really into my class or they think I don't know what I'm doing. For example, We specifically stated, in the letter, that boys should wear proper attire. Jogging pants, basketball shorts, etc. The boys come into class wearing jeans. But it was only the first class so, I didn't say much. But how come on the first day of Tchoukball, they came in proper attire?
  I feel tested... If they were testing us, I hope we impressed them and showed them that WE KNOW WHAT WERE DOING, AND THEY STAY IN THE DANCE CLUB!!!

07 August 2011

Friday Dance Club

  I wasn't able to take pictures of the Hip Hop class I taught on Friday. It was the very first class I taught as a teacher and not as an assistant. I took it easy. Really easy, I thought they would find it too easy actually, but I think I overestimated them. They complained of  body pains the next day :)) Next week is Jazz. A lot of people are hesitant about dancing it, even if they've never tried. I guess because it isn't as popular as Hip Hop... My friend (and assistant) and I got a Facebook group up and running that very night. We posted videos of Jazz, just to inspire... 
  I like being a teacher.
Read more about the dance club here.

06 August 2011

hard work is beautiful...

A Ballerina: the harder she works the more beautiful she becomes...

02 August 2011

...It Is Our Choices

  Watched "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone" the other day and I just remembered what Albus Dumbledore said:
"It is not our abilities that make us who we are,
it is our choices"
  I know Harry Potter has nothing, whatsoever, to do with ballet, but what Prof. Dumbledor said is true, not just for wizards, but for all people, dancers as well! A dancer might be very talented but it is what she chooses to do with her talent that makes her shine.