30 November 2011

Christmas Show :D


  Only a week till the Christmas show!!! We did some blocking on-stage. I'm really so poor in this formation stuff :( I only have one dance and about 5 or 6 different places in this number but I'm still worried. In LCB, when there was a lot of dances, I was very embarrassed at my not being able to remember my place T_T 

  Our costume is red. Just red. Finally I'll get the red leotard I wanted :) Iv'e been running out of things to wear to class these days O_O

  Teacher Sweet planned out our Christmas Carol (Aaaahhh!!!! Christmas in the air!). We did the planning outside in the canteen (where I took these photos). I think there's going to be a contest on the carols :)

  Ballet 3 won't be on pointe though, but the older girls are going to dance some variations :)

  Showtime is December 11, same with the LCB recital T_T I can't watch...
Spinning Wheel from The Sleeping Beauty

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