20 December 2011

Morning in Mintal

Mom trying to learn the Lumad language
  This morning, Mom drove us all the way to Mintal. It was a one hour drive and it was worth it.
  First, we met up with Mom's friend Tita Hannah, who showed us around. We went to visit the Lumads who had come to the Mintal Gym to spend their Christmas. Mom asked them to translate some Bisaya words into their language.

  Also met some kids who were from the relocation area near Philippine Science High School.

L to R: Nicole, Marian, Me, Mary,and Angel
  Got to visit a Daycare where 66 children ages 3-6 stay while their mothers go to work. Would you believe that 33 children can fit into here?

Before we left I asked for remembrance... Autographs!

We visited this daycare center where 30 children crowd in regularly :(

Wish there was an dance outreach program...

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