08 December 2011

OK, It's Really Showtime!!!

Only three days 'till our recital! The weather has been downright cold and I feel rusty :| Time to bring out the warm-ups and cardigans XD And to think were a tropical country!
 Of course, a Christmas recital is not complete without a nativity scene. My role is the Angel A.K.A Star, and I mean it literally. I have to hold a star. The first plan was that I would sit on the barre. Today, after yesterday's clumsy tries, teacher Agnes told me to just pose on releve behind the Holy family :) Whew!
  Our Christmas carol is going great. I'ts comical and action packed so we got it good ;)
  Headaches on the dance floor: I'm glad we still have a week before our Dance Club presentation, But gosh the attendance, we still don't have a final formation! The younger members (the dedicated ones) are really improving though. I'm really proud of them :D
  As Pat said, "We WILL have a good show!"

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