31 October 2011

Jogging in Peoples Park and Anne Hathaway Stars In Black Swan?!?!

"Dancing Fountain" People's Park, Davao City
  Came home from jogging in People's Park. Sigh, the irony of fresh air in the middle of a bustling city. People's Park is only a short walk from Locsin's  and is as beautiful at night as it is in the morning. At night, they turn on the "Dancing Fountain". I've never seen it live, just pictures :P This morning, lots of prople were in the park. Jogging, sitting down, walking, there were even some people practicing Arnis! :D
  When we came home, Dad turned on the telly. We don't usually watch local T.V. because it's a school rule not watch T.V. on weekdays.On weekends, though, we watch mostly movies.
  The host in Umagang Kay Ganda was talking about Venus Raj's Black Swan costume. Gosh! She made a mistake with the credits! Its Natalie Portman who starred in the movie NOT Anne Hathaway!!! Outrage much!
  Oh well, we all make mistakes... Will try to post a video of it :P

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