07 November 2011

Gaynor Minden

Gaynor Minden's new pointe shoe
  Hit dancer.com on my search bar. This is probably my favorite ballet website ever! Not only is Gaynor Minden said to be the best brand of pointe shoes but their site makes me fall in love with ballet all over again! <3

  This is where I learned about most of the famous ballerinas and classical ballets. I also learned about ballet's history from this site (I even made a power point about the history of ballet using GM as reference :))

  The brand of my current pointes is Grishko. Grishko 2007s. Compared to the Capezios these are really hard.Or maybe to my flat feet they are :( One of my ballet classmates (with really arch-y feet) shocked me one day when she said "Your shoes are Grishko 2007? Wow so soft!"  She uses Bloch, which I heard from one of my ballet teachers to be rock hard... I wish I had her feet!!!!

  Grrr.. Its raining so hard. Must bundle up... hehehe... Will get to use those sweaters that are so cute and just get stacked in the botttom of the clothes pile because I live in the tropics :P

  Class 2nyte :D
My current pointes; Grishko 2007
credits to my friend Ana Mempin for the photo :)) 


  1. where were you able to buy pointe shoes??? are there pointe shoes sold in davao???

    1. I'm sorry for not replying sooner! :O I bought them in Manila, actually :) These Grishko ones I bought from That's D' Pointe Dance Shop and I was able to get Gaynors in Dans Boite :D