30 March 2012


  I am taking advatage of our Singapore vacation :)) I plan to visit my current fave shop Rainbow Sonata and take class at the Singapore Dance Theatre. I just registered for a trial class and it costs $25.00. Equivalent to 854.19php. On hearing this, my mom was like "What?! Locsin's charges 1,500php per month! Are we under-charging or what?"

  I guess it's a Singapore price...
  I bought my jazz shoes from Rainbow Sonata the other year I think they were around $30.00 (about 1025php) good price, I guess, considering that the Capezio Teletone Tap shoes I bought in Manila were about 2000php...

  I'm looking forward to blogging about this  experience. Hopefully someone can come with me and take pics of the class at SDT ^_^ More photos to edit!!!! LOL

P.S. Waterloo Bridge turned out to have a really sad ending... I wont spoil ^_^ Nyahaha! Watch  yourself!!!

Watrloo Bridge ♥

Vivien Leigh
  It's a cold rainy night... what perfect time to curl up in my bed and watch and old movie than now? My movie selection is the 1940's film Waterloo Bridge. It's very old, FYI. As in, black and white! Unless your sixty plus  you'd probably not be familiar with it. My grandmother, Momsey, watched it so I'll have someone to relate to me >.<
  The reason I'm writing about it (and became interested in watching it in the first place) is because it has a ballet theme. Specifically Swan Lake ^_^ 
  I learned about it in an email sent to me by the Australian Ballet. [Here's a link to their post. To subscribe to them, click Here]. It stars Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. I'm still in the beginning but I think this is a movie I'll like (me being a vintage lover and all )

  Aieeee!!! so romantic... hahahaha the playfull conversation between a dancer and.. umm... common folk :P It's turning out to be really cute as I watch it right now... OH!!! Vivien Leigh's character has been dancing since she was 12!!!! Late starter like me!!!! Way to go for us!!! XD AND Robert Taylor has the same birthdate as me♥ !!!! LoL I like old movies :P 
  Here's the first part of the film... Enjoy!!!

29 March 2012


Alex, Joy, Me and Meg  
 Schools out!!!! The pics from the grad part were great! Gosh I'll miss everyone!!! They sure make me wanna go back to school :P I danced with almost everyone, Man, it was sooo fun!!!! :D 

Leading the prayer at the Community Day
 The last few days were filled with practices in preparation for our Community Day (a.k.a Graduation Ceremony in other schools). Each class was required to present a dance number. Our class, the 2nd years, decided to dance to HSM3's "Night to Remember". My friend Alex and I took over the choreography. 
  Though slow and basic, I found Alex's steps hard to follow. "Ok," I said to myself, "what's wrong?" Usually when I am given a step I try to perform it the best I can, in my very own way. It did not work so this time. Then I tried something. I guess it was inspired by our studying "Empathy" in our Character Education Class. I tried putting myself in Alex's shoes. I tried to think like her. "OK, Alex likes to jump, she's tall, how does that feel like?" soon, the steps seemed easy enough! I just found this little discovery of mine cool... ^_^
  iDentity  performed again! The same dance number, but this time, I was a part of it :)) My sister took a video...Will upload it as soon as I can get my hands on our family camera :P

Besties and me on the last day of school :))

20 March 2012

Sleepy Days B)

  No school. No Ballet. Nothing. Haha!!! Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter... like, comment, retweet, etc., gosh!!! That's basically how this week went. For the whole week, we only had school on Tuesday. The rest, nada zilch!  Despite this, I sleep laaattee into the night... [sigh] Adicted to this game on my phone @_@ Yes.. very childish.
   This afternoon I was scanning my Dad's old laptop and I found the pics my Mom took for the Ballet Manila Audition. I also found videos :D Unfortunately, I couldn't transfer the videos :(

17 March 2012

Ginger's Secret

  Often, I read that ginger is a natural pain reliever. I don't know if it's true but, out of desperation, I decided to try it out.
  My back had been hurting since around Thursday before the recital. By Sunday, show day, it was one of the worst pains I had ever felt. The funny thing wass that whenever I was in a position wherein I could not feel the pain, I felt like I wasn't working hard enough.
  Anyway, I made this ginger tea myself and maybe you guys would like to try it. It's actually good :) I just boiled  ginger in water and added sugar. I don't know if the sugar kills it's pain relieving qualities but it made it taste good...
  I know it's weird but whenever there's ginger in soups or ulam I eat it. Yes! It doesn't taste good, to be honest, but still it's worth the nutrients... I guess.
  Other food they say are good for athletes/dancers include, yogurt, bread (anything carbs basically, for energy)... Chocolate gives you energy and keeps your mood up. It also helps increase blood flow, and reduce inflamation (according to Dance Magazine February 2011 issue). Sage was also mentioned to boost memory... hmm...

14 March 2012

Black Ballet Shoes

  In order to look all sleek and long were wearing all black for Dancing to Gershwin. Ate Delphine (Our theater teacher for the summer) taught us how to guise socks as ballet shoes by cutting holes on the soles (lol rhyme :P)

Le finished produit ^_^ hehe 
  We even have these really fashionable scarves to put around our waist during the dance... I love mine Perfect addition to my wardrobe... lol
  During green room (when the producer/director talks to the company), Teacher Agnes said "When you dance in Gershwin, be proud and smile... like your in American Ballet Theatre"

Photo from ballet buddy Dianne...
from L to R: Jobelle, Inah, Amber (Me)

Word of Advice

  Cheena was able to upload a video of F. Bustamante's High School dance group performing in the competition. They won first place, they had better synchronization :|
  When my Mom watched both videos she enlightened me on some reasons F. Bustamante won.

1. They kept moving, their dance was action packed. Climax all the way. Ours had drops.
2. Ours was too 'theatrical'. Mom said that it wouldn't appeal to the Davao audience :|

 Well... I have good news. Pat said that if we are performing for our school's Community Day, I'm back in the crew!
  Pat is also thinking of having shirts printed for us. I suggested that we could have "codenames" and add that to our shirts. If that plan pushes through, I'd like to be known as 'Ming'. Justin, one of our crew members (the one who did the headstand), keeps teasing me "Hao Ming" so yeah... LOL :P

13 March 2012

Inah and Me ♡

  So, Sunday, before the last performance of the school year, the faculty members, scholars, and would-be-scholars, had a meeting with Teacher Agnes. We fixed our class and assisting schedules.
  I'm going to assist Ballet 1A with Inah :D My goal for the summer is to learn sign language. The alphabet and the signs 
  Locsins is now offering Hip Hop classes. At the sound of this, the full fledged ballerinas groaned. I signed H I P H O P to Inah and both our faces beamed. ♡ hahaha
  That was the first time I ever heard teenagers complain at the sound of Hip Hop. Usually at school when I mention ballet, the guys laugh ["Tights, tights"]. And some ask if it hurts @_@
  One of my ballet classmates said "I'f Hip Hop is not required, I'm not joining!" LOLOLOLOL
Can't wait XD And Ate Georgette is coming back to perform for Mommy Locsin's (Tr. Agnes' Mom) anniversary :D


12 March 2012

iDentity in Abreeza!!!

  Thank's so much to my friend and schoolmate, Cheena Chi, for uploading this video!!! Gosh! I'm actually impressed :D
  The music can't be heard in the last part though.. Sorry about that :( something about the mix etc...

11 March 2012

March 9 at Abreeza

  Brainworks School's Identity won second place in the Ateneo College of Engineering and Architecture's Dance Competition. Congrats guys 
  Here's some photos taken by me friend and classmate Karl Soledad. TY :D

Alvaro and Eric

our "fans" Joey and RJ
RJ, Mico, and Jericho Thanks dudes!!!

Justin Headstand-ing

Eric freestyling

Dougie ^_^


Go Alvaro!

Identity from L to R: Jose Pabalan, Manjo Madrazo, Almira Etrone, Alvaro Madrazo, Pat Soledad, Erik Elemino, Jan Elorza, and Justin Wee-Eng

10 March 2012

Dress Tech for "Midsummer"

Gettin' ready

  Dress tech last night! It doesn't feel like show day yet. Well maybe it's because I haven't seen the audience yet. My back didn't hurt as much as yesterday but it was still very painful...
  Must head off for pre-performance class at 3 p.m. later, rehearse at 4, and prepare at 5. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. 6:00 - SHOWTIME!!! ^_^

  I have some good news... Christine (My fellow Beginner's Pointe) and I are going to be scholars for the summer!!! We will be taking all classes and assisting with the younger kids :) Aaaiiieeeee!!! Meeting with Teacher Agnes this Sunday...

  Anyway, here are some pics I took during the recital. My parents weren't there, though, to take shots of me dancing :( Please tag me on Facebook nalang :D   Oh, and for those watching this evening and tomorrow please, do not take pictures! Teacher Agnes is very strict about the safety of her dancers :) Thanks!

Katrina with Elf makeup by Ate Delphine

Katrina, Me, and Dianne
  What a night!

  My friend uploaded pic's of the Abreeza Dance Competition on Facebook. I still need his permission to post the pics on my blog.. hehehe... Entry on that comming soon :D 

  Identity (No they are not called  Justice Geeks) won second place. Second place battling F. Bustamante High School (Yeah, there were only two competitors) FIRST SCHOOL TROPHY EVER, Oh Yeah!!!

* * *
A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Locsin Dance Workshop's 64th Annual Recital. March 10 and 11.(Saturday and Sunday) 6pm, at The Locsin Dance Workshop, 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines
 Tel. No.: (63 82) 227-4753

09 March 2012

Final Practices

7:30-11:00 a.m.- Practice dance
11:00- 12:30 a.m.- fix remix
12:30-1:00 p.m. - Lunch (I can’t believe you guys ordered fast food…)
 1:00-3:00p.m. -dance

  This is generally what the dance crew did yesterday. We (they, rather) were still not done with the dance when I left yesterday afternoon. 
  In my last entry I said I was backing out. well, I did. Thankfully it was not too bad an uproar as I thought it would be. I still came to practice but left early. 
  This morning, the crew went to Abreeza Mall to block their formations. The competition is tonight. They'r going against F. Bustamante High School. 2 competitors? Will winning that be counted? -_- 
  The crew still doesn't have a name. Suggestions from the members ranged from "Justice Geeks" to "Fingerprint" (which I think is too I.Am.Me)... Good luck guys!

   Dress tech for recital today! :) I love dress tech. You get to put make up and wear your costume... We've already been rehearsing with lights but this is our first dress rehearsal. 
  My backs bee hurting really bad though. Just the right side. I hope it' not serious :(
  Here's a sneak peek of the preparations for A Midsummer Night's Dream:

We are also going to to re-cap Dancing to Gershwin, the one we did for Christmas. There will be two shows, Saturday and Sunday, both at 6pm. Tickets are P 150 each

05 March 2012

S for Stressssss

  Ballet is everyday this week... I don't know what to do!!! I want to give up! When I climbed to the third floor of the school building to practice, I didn't care. I just chose wherever I was standing to lie down and lament.
Before I give up let me pause and ask myself:

1. What do I prioritize more. The competition, or the run thru?
BOTH!!! I'll be missing out on equally important thing if I don't go to either.

2. Which one is a major stress factor?
The hip hop practices! [How do you get people your age to listen to you without threatening them that you'll throw a pointe show if they don't keep quiet]

3. Where am I most needed?
Competition: Choreo (mine isn't very good, BTW)
Ballet: Fairy. One of only two people in the Beginners Pointe Class. Photoshoot after rehearsal on Friday.


  I shouldn't have chosen activities that are spaced too close together :( Stress is bad. This is making me sick, seriously. I've been getting headaches, a runny nose, and a sore throat, this weekend...

  Lets see... decision time :S This is so UN-professional -_-

Just a quick fact:
Did you know that another term for pointing the foot is "Plantar Flexion" :) Just got it out of Dance Anatomy.

Note to Self: Must replenish supply of Ballet Pics. The ones I have right now are getting... boring -_-

P.S. The box of my Grishko's are softening. Another "In The Shoes" entry coming up! Maybe around April :)

04 March 2012


  With the recital and the dance competition coming up this week, I have barely had time to go online.
  The dance crew practiced in my mom's yoga studio yesterday. Three members did not come but at least we were able to add some steps :| I'm worried we have less than a week but we still don't have steps for two minutes of the music :(
  Here are two videos of the crew members:

Alvaro, Pat, and Justin - tutting.

Pat tutting

NOTE: They just copied the tutting from YouTube so in-case the guy who made it watches these videos, we still give him the credit Ok?

  I finally found skin tone tights and leos. That's D' Pointe was out of stock so I [disappointedly] went to Victoria Plaza and bought Body Music. This brand has very thin material. The tights were ok but the leos were just s e e - t h r u . I solved the problem by sewing a layer of padding inside :)