31 May 2012

remember... Your Halfway There

  Mom told me I had to slow down with my Math... For the past few weeks I have been doing over six Math activities and am now half way through the book. But this is because I've been spending nearly the whole day sitting down just answering... so now that I'm not so busy with one thing, I spent the afternoon watching The Opera Nationale de Paris' 2002 production of Rusalka. I'm still in Act 3, hopefully I get to finish watching by tonight ^_^

My math workbooks
Photo via Between Now and Later

  Heard from a friend that there was a choreography workshop in Locsin's today... How come I didn't know about this??? (Checking Locsin's FB this very instant) Ahh... I see, it's until June 3 :) I can't dance anyway, back still hurts. Is it normal to just want to give up!? But if I, then what?... #crisis -_-

  We're all so exited for the movie of Les Miserables!!! it's not yet coming out untill Christmas... Must we wait that long? Well, I still have The Phantom of the Opera to look forward to this August >.<

  Such a moving trailer... :')

  It inspires me to see people who really don't give up... I realized this while watching Captain America. Far out? I'm not sure if I've blogged this before, but there's this saying that goes something like, when your really, really, tired and just about ready to give up, just remember that your halfway there... I think it's from the movie Legend of the Guardians :)

  I'll keep that saying in mind.

30 May 2012

Yogurt :)

  I came up with this snack one day because we bought too much Belgian cones for ice cream that lasted two servings in a household of nine people ^_^

  I find that yogurt helps me in my concentration (or maybe it's just Psychological). It could also be the berries, the yogurt I've been drinking comes in a pack of different kinds of berry flavors... I had to bug my grandma, Momsey, how I could add the nutrition facts of the cone and yogurt, for all the health buffs, like me, out there (if there are still any, in our society dominated by fastfood and Monosodium Glutamate -_-)!

  I made several of these Yogurt cones and ate them secretly for fear that my siblings will ask the dreaded "Can I have some?" Luckily, I found out today that only my younger brother Nic, actually considers my creation eatable, the two other ladies seem to judge it as gross...

  All you need for this dancer-friendly food is a small cup of yogurt (I used the 125g kind you find at the grocery) and a Belgian Cone. I poured the yogurt into the cone and, voila! munchmunchmunchmunch... I also tried freezing the yogurt which ended up with me breaking a glass. It was more Ice cream-like and even then, my sisters were appalled :(

  Nutrition Facts ^_^

27 May 2012

Should anyone?

  Was not able to  go to the R.A.D. recital. I helped Mom with her Baby Wearing Meet Up at The POD. It was fun and I met this little baby who was wearing a ballet costume ^_^ Look! She's even wearing tights!

  My braces weren't taken out on my appointment the other day -_-  Another month or two...

  Am watching Jane Eyre, one of my favorite movies, with one of my favorite actors; Mia Wasikowska. Mia used to dance too :) She actually trained professionally, specifically for ballet. I had wanted to blog about her long ago when I had first learned about this but, somehow, I wasn't able to seg-way it... She stopped dancing because of issues about anorexia and weight. That's really brave of her, in some way, I mean, to stop dancing altogether, knowing that it would be hard to start over if ever... But why would she stick to something she's not happy about? Why should anyone?

She does look like such a nice person ^_^
   I finished reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. I hope Jane Eyre will be next!

  Watched this Karate tournament in SM this afternoon. It reminded me of when I was not yet into dancing; when my main activity was Teakwando. I stopped when I just got promoted to red belt...

  When people asked me why, I said it was because I got bored. There were not much tournaments at the time I stopped and I was taking more classes than most of my peers was. I never felt tired after class, I realize now it's because of my personality. All that kicking and sparring was a way of mine to release my anger, what ever I was, or am, angry about. I can't do that for dancing, not so much at least...

  For a while I wanted to go back to that life. I wondered how I, how life, would be if I was still a fighting girl. I though of quitting ballet... Should I?.. Then I thought about this blog.. and music! Where else is there music, or art, than in dance? 

  Do I still love ballet? Should I be asking that? Should anyone?

25 May 2012

Class-less Days

  O! Class-less days, time for recovery and reflection... My days have been filled with catching up with my academics, especially Math.

  Our Persian kitty, Ginger, hates me. Every time I try to pet or carry her, she tries to scratch, even bite me! Thought this morning she let me cuddle with her :) She's such a snobbish little thing! Our dog Cornelia is a suspect of jealousy :|

  I still do Teacher Agnes' exercise, though, I don't want to, you know, tinatamad ako, it's really very time consuming. I mean 20 mins. in one position -_- sigh... at least I can listen to music during that time... I think my back's improving, little by little... Was able to swim yesterday :)

  Read an article in Ballet News about Anorexia...  O.o I wont diet anymore, I'm afraid I might stop growing. Plus, I just realized yesterday that all my 'skin-problems' come out when I skimp on my food :( Though I will continue to avoid pork and coke.

  My sister Ashley is making all these shakes and smoothies. She's getting all the recipes from a book my mom got; Super Drinks for Pregnancy. Though, no one in our household is pregnant... This morning, she came up with a banana, pineapple and ginger smoothie. It was actually pretty good but I think there was too much ginger :P Her fave recipe is Avocado shake... I guess it's because we have a lot of rotting Avocados in our kitchen :P

  Had a bad soar throat the other day. I couldn't sleep because it hurt when I swallowed, so I went downstairs and made myself a cup of throat coat tea, and read The Ballet Companion. I was able to sleep after that. The next day I drank six (tall) cups of the throat coat and, now,  My soar throat's gone!!! This herbal stuff really works! ^_^

  Going to the dentist this afternoon. In a few hours I won't have braces anymore! :D 

  I need to catch up with Dance 212

22 May 2012

Zero Plastic :D

  I just heard from my mom a few days ago that our city is eliminating plastic. Yes, shops wont pack things in plastic anymore so we all have to start bringing shopping bags. I have waited for this day when my still-beautiful hometown turns green... Looking out the window of an airplane you can se ethat Davao is still a pretty 'healthy' place :) I'm glad they'r doing something to preserve it.

Enjoying my handmade ravioli :)
  Went to Abreeza today. Mom has started buying local kakanin (rice cake) for snacks instead of stuff like hot dog or fries. It's really way more enviro-friendly because they wrap it up in banana leaves. It's also way cheaper. It's like 15 php. while a cup of Ice Tea is 35 php :O The thing is, you have to chose what kakanin to eat. The one I had this morning was really oily -_- Learned how to make pasta this afternoon with sisters and lil' bro ^_^

   Heard from a friend that classes in Locsin's for our batch doesn't start until July. Wow... I guess Teacher Agnes is busy :| More time for me to recuperate and get back on my feet. And also to learn some Oppera songs :D I also want to start a training regiment for myself, swimming, stretching, etc., though I'm going to be really busy with my academics... Back to Homeschooling. I'm catching up with Math so that hopefully I can start Geometry by June or July... Is that advanced? Delayed? Unnecessary? -_- I'll just work with what we have. We're planning to do this A.L.S. program that supports 'out of school youths'...

  Also, don't miss Season 6 of Dance 212 ^_^

  And thanks so much for all the likes on Facebook^_^

21 May 2012

'On Stage' LCB Summer Show

 Watched The LCB Summer show yesterday :) Really great energy! Mom and I went to CAP early to do the make up of her friend's daughter  :D Bella cooperated well for her age, shes only 3, and her make up was a success!

  The dance numbers included adaptations of dances from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatBombay DreamsSleeping BeautyFameNewsiesAnything Goes, and Step Up 3D.

   I'd say I liked the Hip Hop and Newsies numbers most :)

  I hope you guys like my blog's new look ^_^ Please leave a comment if u can!!!

19 May 2012

Opera and Ice Cream

  The violin concert was actually yesterday, not today. Good thing we didn't miss it :) My sister's, Ashley, vioilin teacher conducted the orchestra. There was a tenor, Rogerbert Goleng Jr., who sang Nessun Dorma really well. When we got home that night I started searching and downloading Operas. I came across Rusalka, Turandot, and I'm still reading the plot summary of Giacommo Puccini's La Boheme ^_^  Trying to learn songs from both Rusalka and Turandot...

Patricia Suarez
  Saw R.A.D. ballet buddy Patricia at Teen's Club yesterday (there was a talk about making gelato). Every month, friends of my mom organize a get together for girls my age. We all come from different schools and there's almost always a new girl every meet up... Wish I took pics :(  Anyway, Patricia's recital is coming up next week on the 26th. Plus she and other R.A.D. dancers are performing in Abreeza on the 25th. Her class had a pictorial in their studio and she had what she likes to call a "Svetlana Zakharova Moment"; A picture of her in a charming Giselle costume with her leg high up to her ear while she dances her variation. Lucky Duck!

  Momsey (my grandma) said that kids my age should not be dieting. I wont eat too much that I'm so full but I also won't avoid food unnecessarily. I will, though, continue avoiding pork.

  LCB show tomorrow! Pictures, hopefully. If I don't get to take any, I'll just beg, borrow, and steal photos from FB :P

  I found some full length ballets and operas on You Tube! Heres one of the Royal Ballet's Sylvia with Darcey B. in the title role. And here is the Opera de National de Paris' Rusalka :)


18 May 2012

Congratulations Darcey ♥

  Darcey Bussell just got promoted as president of the Royal  Academy of Dance (R.A.D)! I first came across her when I was randomly searching around You Tube for Manon videos. While going around Fully Booked, in Abreeza, I saw (or my sister showed me) the series, Magic Ballerina which she wrote :) Like me, she started late, though, before ballet she was already a very active, sporty, gal...

Please read ^_^:

17 May 2012

What's Left of Summer...

  Arrived at CAP yesterday at around 5:30. The house was full and me and two other girls had to squeeze our way through the crowd. I was afraid that would cause a riot but I guess those waiting understood that we were performers (well, sort of) ^_^ 

  During LCB shows, performers either stay backstage, or near the 'aprons' (the stairs on the side of the stage). In last night's show, the Baby's Ballet and Ballets 1a to 2 stayed within the audience. We had to form a really long line (it was particularly challenging with the Baby's Ballet) and trek backstage. I think it would have been easier if we all stayed near the aprons... 

  Backstage was all cheering and goodbyes after the show. Everyone was hugging everyone... There was a party in Locsin's that night, I didn't go, though :| 

  My LCB friends watched the show. The were all asking why I did not dance and if I would watch their show on Sunday. They told me to wait for the show to end, and to wait for them to come out when it did. Wow! This week is really, well, theatrical... cultural, rather; this Saturday, we are also going to watch a charity concert by the Agdao Violin Center.

  Bought a book of  Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I find I enjoy reading it. It's a really good book because on one page, there's Shakespeare's prose and on the other page a plain English version of it :)  

16 May 2012

Backstage Pass: Locsin Summer Show

  The run-thru last night was such an experience for me... It was my first time to be backstage at CAP (well anywhere, actually) and not performing. It was also my first time to watch the dances of Jazz (Grease), Hip Hop (Dremgirls I think), Tap(Westside Story), and Modern (Phatom of the Opera). I so wanted to dance while watching the Jazz number :(

  Teacher Agnes allowed the audience to take pics of some dances which were performed before the actual run-thru. The pics I post today are those dances and some I took of the performers (my classmates) before the show started.

  There was nothing to do backstage so I started asking people if they needed help. Being a performer, I know the rush and fear that you won't be able to make it in time for your number, it happened to me once. It was fun doing people's makeup and generally helping out ^_^ I did my friend Therese's makeup, and helped Gian (who plays Puck) with her eyebrows... I just love doing makeup, it's so fun :)) I don't wear makeup on regular days so I guess that's part of why I like performing on stage...

   I believe that all performers should know how to prepare themselves for a show. Part of that is sewing, putting on makeup, fixing hair, and first-aid among others. What a great school that would be that teaches all these :)  Don't mind helping out though ^_^

  The set is beautiful, by the way. It's so simple yet so magical... Especially when they turn on the blue light, It looks really good with the gold stars. Maybe we should all go for makeup on the gold side :D Is there such thing as a 'stage makeup artist'? Yeah, I guess there is... who'd green up Elphaba in Wicked if there wasn't?

  Sooo many pics! All taken by me :) Please check them out on Facebook

  Do watch the recital tonight... 6pm, CAP Grand Auditorium.

15 May 2012

Blocking at CAP

  Went to CAP Auditorium this morning to block the formation of Ballet 1b. I felt so tired when I woke up, I had to force myself out of bed. I think I fell asleep while doing my exercise :(  After 20 minutes in one position, I curled up on my side and fell asleep...

  Going back to CAP this afternoon to block the formation of the Babies Ballet class and for the final dress tech. I hope there are no babies crying because they are sleepy today... -_- Miya (the kid who keeps asking me what my name is) has been crying like she's depressed for two or three rehearsals now :(  She still doesn't know what my name is...

Joe and Dianne, well, their feet...

Warming up...

Christine and Kuya Henry
  The quality of my pics are getting worse. Is that possible?... For the quality of a camera to get worse over time? O.o

14 May 2012

My First Theatre Performance

The Locsin dance Workshop's Theatre class
  "Break a leg!" Ate Delphine said as she passed chocolates around to us right after our warm up yesterday. We all had a snack and (in my case) some Dinner at the canteen. There were only two of us wearing yellow in the whole ensemble. Teacher Agnes described my costume as "bright as the sunshine"... 

  We were only required to wear 'normal person' make up since the stage in Locsins isn't very big. I realized when I got home that I should have used the Jane Iredale foundation, since it's liquid and comes out thicker. I have been using a Max Factor foundation since December. The J.I. foundation has a more yellowish shade while the M.F. one is on the pink side... My favorite part of make up is eyes ^_^ I usually extend my eyeliner a little bit away from my eyelids, It looks cute :P I didn't apply any eyeliner underneath for the last two shows before this one, but I did last night. I read that this is the proper way to apply liner in The Ballet Companion.

  The show was a success! I wish I invited more people :) After the curtain call, when we were all backstage we did a biiiggg group hug and cheered ourselves :D The only blooper I remember was when Kuya John said  "Mabuhay si Diwatakasilipan" (Long live Diwatakasilipan) in a voice that was corrupted by the urge to laugh. It sounded like it was said thru an electric fan... I was also having a hard time stopping my laughter during the 'Oracle' because of the answers and the laughing audience...

  I can't figure out how to send the video of the show to my laptop, since my dad took it with his iPad... I'll try to post it as soon as I can :) 

  We were allowed to bring our masks home but the giant heads had to stay behind, in the 'museum' :D 

  Theatre is really fun. You just have to remember some rules, your corrections, your lines, and bring out the right emotions. It's basically the same for ballet, I guess, but with ballet there's technique. Plus because you'r using your whole body, and moving around a lot, ballet is waaay more exhausting... I'm considering Theatre over ballet... tuning into my emotions seems easier tan using the correct muscles to me O.o

  Today is a bad day for my back... I wasn't able to do my exercise... I really should stop procrastinating -_- I do hope I heal...

  Oberon arrived yesterday. He is Ballet Philippines' Timothy Cabrera. There was added choreography, more jumps...

  I only found out last night that Locsins has an Official Facebook page :D You can find old photos there... How could I have not seen this before? Grrr!... Please like! :)) aaannnd, I also just saw this now:
Locsin Dance Workshop's A Dream, One Midsummer Night  in Run Thru Philippines' Website  :) Oh Yeah! I have a picture at a dance magazine! LoL :P

Do watch our recital :D

13 May 2012

Under The Lights

  When I got to Locsin's yesterday, The stage was all set! We did some warm up then Ate Delphine fixed a small part in the play. I think our  'Oracle' was good during the run. Teacher Agnes asked; "Why do glass break?" We answered "Brittle-is-the-" after which we barely made sense... It's hard to stop yourself from laughing when the audience is. Tita Jennie asked "Why do birds suddenly appear?" I forgot our answer but it was not the song :P 

  I was able to take lots of pics!!! :D 

  During breaks, we ate to keep our energy up, and practiced the 'Oracle'. Every one was frowning on the snack I brought which was almonds mixed with raisins and chocolate chips. I thought it was a super treat.. I guess everyone's just so used to McDonalds, and other fastfood -_- 

The masks, pre-set on the stage

  Teacher Agnes told us to play with our masks and giant heads more. After the whole run, she and Ate Delphine gave some notes "You know Amber is the only one who improved in the giants," Teacher Agnes said... I almost cried.I thought for a while that she really doesn't like me or something... I guess she just wants all of us to push ourselves :)

Epic Fail pic...

  And... this is what I came home to!!! :D

  The show tonight is at 6pm in the studio... Hope I can get Lolo and Lola to watch :)

12 May 2012

Last day of Rehearsal (Theatre)

  Wow, I have been posting a whole lot lately :) I was late for Theatre yesterday. I arrived at around 8:40, ten minutes after schedule -_- Ate Delphine choreographed a short dance for our entrance as giants. It's full of jumps and stomping around. My back hurt a little after :O I stopped applying hot compress, following the advice of my parents; "Let it heal by it''s self."

  I went back to Locsin's yesterday afternoon for the ballet rehearsal. We rehearsed with the Babies Ballet class and they were very good ^_^ At least for that day... I went home, though, before the rehearsal for the other classes started (the show will be divided into two parts; Ballet [Midsummer], and the other dances [Broadway]). But I was able to take pics of Kuya Arnel's Jazz class doing some last minute clean up :D

  This afternoon, I have to head to Locsin's by three for the last Theatre rehearsal before the show tomorrow (Aaaaaa!! It's tomorrow already!). At around 6, we'll have a dress tech. I guess make-up wont be too dark, but Ate Delphine hasn't mentioned anything about that yet.

  I plan to take lot's of pics with my class mates for memories but we'll see if there's time tonight... 
  Bye for now, I'm going to check out this slideshow by The Australian Ballet: 50 Years of The Australian Ballet hope you (and I) enjoy it! ^_^

10 May 2012

Good Morning Theatre :)

Manong Jessi painting props

  Theatre class today from 9am to 12 pm  :) When I got to Locsin's at around 8:30 this morning, there was this long blue piece of mesh cloth on the stage. It's for the giant heads... I mentioned previously that we have to use movement to express ourselves because our faces are covered... That's true, but let me get this straight, it doesn't mean that our faces should remain expressionless. It's kind of hard to say something with conviction while your face is blank :|

  Our giant costume was hot and itchy with the mesh. Our heads also became more inclined to sliding off so Ate Didelphine decided to attach the mesh onto them. The color of my mesh is pink BTW ^_^ ... there were only two giants today because our Diwatakasilipan was absent so Jobelle filled in the role :) Nursiva, the damsel of this play, was also absent... Teacher Agnes watched us for a while. Rumor has it that she's watching the whole thing on Friday @_@

Ate Delphine and Kuya John
measuring the cloth for the giant costume on Jose

  Tomorrow the giants are expected to be at the studio by 8:30. We have to do a dance or something... I wonder... Oh! I should not forget my corrections. I had 2: Don't forget the ad-lib while chasing Nursiva, and tie my bangs :D

  Watching this documentary on YouTube. It's about a modern production of Shakespeare's Cymbeline with the brilliant Tom Hiddleston in the cast... 


09 May 2012

Run Thru Season

Giant heads for Theatre :)
  We did a run thru of A Midsummer Night's Dream today. For me the best number was the dance of the birds (I think) choreographed by Kuya Henry and performed by his class. I kinda felt like crying watching my peers dance.. I could have been there... With them...

  At the end of the run, Teacher Agnes asked the younger kids "What time is our rehearsal tomorrow?" and they said, "Foooouuuur." "In the...?" "(innocent voice) Morning" BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Other funny stuff that happened today included a little kid saying, "Ugh, that Lola (Grandma) again!" when she saw Teacher Agnes :O So mean! Ate Jill (who's playing Tatiana in Midsummer) told me about it... Another one:

TR. AGNES:  You will not talk while I am talking. You can only talk when I say 'Questions?'
  You will answer, 'None' :P

  We rehearsed and finished Si Diwatakasilipan at si Talabusaw at Theatre today :) It's really strange with the giant heads. You can't estimate if your going to bump your "head" or not... But it's cool at the same time because we have to use movement to express your emotions since our heads cannot change expression...

  GTG for now, I still have to do my exercise therapy thing.. :) Thanks for dropping by!Run Thru

08 May 2012

Today at Theatre :)

  All four giants were able to practice Diwatakasilipan with our headdresses in Theatre class today :D Mine is a grey-eyed, purple head with a bandage and a ring on it's lip. Ate Delphine called it the kikay head. Kikay is a slang Tagalog word used to describe girly stuff, by the way ^_^ No two heads look alike. Too bad I didn't think of taking a picture... hopefully I can take one soon :)

  We practiced on the first floor studio where the recital will be held this Sunday. We really had to make our voices loud. My throat hurts :| ... There's this part where we have to stay backstage (well, in the garden, actually) and scream like the giants are chasing us. There was this one time when I was screaming, making my voice sound really desperate and Ate Jill started laughing!

  We also practiced the first part with the masks. They are so hot and little fragments of plaster ended up in my face afterwards. Christine, who had a sparkly mask, had glitter on her face ^_^  

  While waiting for Mom to pick me up, I took pics of Teacher Agnes and the faculty members practicing Okir.

  My appetite's back... Well, at least for Lunch. Didn't eat meat for Dinner, since it was bacon -_-

  from Pointe to Pointe

07 May 2012

Summer so far...

Flying 1st position!!!!
  Whew! Just finished my 'regiment' :) It lasts like a whole hour. 15 minutes hot compress, then probably 15 the same length of time for the stretches, then lying down on the floor with my knees bent for 20 mins.

  Was late for Theatre today :(  Like, really late. I came in 30 minutes after class started. Ate Delphine didn't say anything though... I'm a giant in our short play called Si Diwatakasilipan At Si Talabusaw. It's borrowed from a Maguindanao legend :) I guess I was chosen for the role because of my height, which I formerly saw as a disadvantage.

  This actor (who I mentioned in my last post), Tom Hiddleston, is kind of inspiring me to pursue Theatre. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and played Loki in the Avengers. I'm also think about being more of a Modern/Contemporary dancer instead of Classical. Come to think of it, Locsin's is the perfect place to get Modern training here in Davao... I'll stick with Teacher Agnes :) Yeah... Plus I think there's Modern as well as ballet courses for college in Manila.

Coldstone SG
  I'm not eating a lot these days. I guess that's because I don't need that much energy. Also because of what happened last Friday, when I was almost admitted to the hospital. I did not eat anything that day except for Breakfast O.o Watching Captain America and taking those meds the doctor gave me helped :D I also strictly stopped eating Pork chop.

  The ice pack I made started leaking so I threw it away :(

  Run-thru season is starting. Less morning classes. Theatre recital this Sunday, Summer Showcase the Wednesday after... These two little girls in Babies almost fell out the balcony... Man, what would have happened if we didn't see them... Suicidal kids! Nah! Just kiddin' :P

  Well, there's a bright side too this whole Bummer [injured] Summer; I get to take pics at the dress-tech!!!


  TY to Miho for checking out my blog ^_^

05 May 2012

Traction Day 3 (last)

  Last day of traction last Thursday. If I don't get better after this weekend, we're going to the chiropractor :| Not so scared about going as a few days a go. A lot of people say it's safe and all... I'm going to do this hot compress thing regularly. Hot compress first, then stretches, followed by Teacher Agnes' exercise :)

  Missed class yesterday. Was almost admitted to the hospital :( Felt sick... Thank goodness I feel better now :D I felt ok in the morning so I still went to Locsin's to assist ballet 1b. Mom had to drop me off really early because Ashley still had Violin Lessons at The POD. I was there since 9 a.m. or later. There was this one kid from the Ballet 1a class who grazed her elbow. I helped her wash it and Manong Jessi (Locsin's all around set designer, gardener, and handy-man) brought some Betadine and band aid. I was really impressed with the kid because, although her face was stained with tears, she did not scream or throw any tantrums while we were dressing her wound. Really brave kid :D

  Watched The Avengers (Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with ballet anymore :P) so loved it!!! I wanna do a movie marathon! So love Tom Hiddleston 

02 May 2012

Dream Shop

  Last night I couldn't sleep. I was fantasizing about my dream shop. One day I'll open a dance shop.  I'll name it from Pointe to Pointe, after this blog :) The first in Davao, unless someone has the same idea as me. In this shop I will sell Yumiko leotards, Bunheads, even books on dance!

  Speaking of which, I started reading The Ballet Companion by Eliza Gaynor-Minden. It's really good, I like it :)  I'm still in the part where she talks about manners and what to expect from class. I even came across a list of things to put in a dance bag!

  Back to my dream shop... I so wish it would be in Plaza del Carmen. That's the place where my mom's Yoga Studio, The POD, is. The main feature of the shop would be a nice dressing room with a short barre and mirror (full-body). It would be a lot like Grishko's NYC store ♥ Only smaller of course :D

  Also, I thought last night, if I'm going to get someone to help me man the store, she has to know a thing or two about dance, ballet especially, and pointe shoes.

  BTW There's this interesting Pointe shoe. Supposedly designed for Nike :P