09 November 2011

Flat Feet T_T

  Class on weekdays is 5:30-6:30 p.m. At 4:30, while watching "Ballet Shoes", I was nagging at my mom to leave the house already... The leaving materialized, however, at around 4:50... When we got out of the house we realized that Dad had brought the car. We decided to walk to the main street and wait for Dad to bring the car back.

  Annoyed at my mom, and nervous about being late, I walked haughtily and speedily to the corner. It was just perfect timing that when I got there, an empty Taxi passed. I hailed it, much to Mom's surprise. As I had walked ahead of her, she had to run to me and the cab with her surprised face (she had also stopped to chat with a neighbor).

  I got in the cab and started fixing my bun. I asked her if my hair was alright and she said the bun was heart shaped. Mom took pictures of me in the taxi -_-

  We arrived in Locsin's at exactly 5:00. I was not  late. I apologized to Mom for panicking... Should have just calmed down... I left my water at home :(

  Class was good. Since I was early I was able to watch Ballet 4 practice their variations. One of the girls did the blue bird solo from Sleeping Beauty.. I recognized the music. :D

  On the barre we did some new exercises. I was reprimanded three times. After the second plie exercise, Teacher Agnes told me to work on my arches more. "This exercise is for you, you really need to work on your arches" She said.

  Flat feet T_T

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