20 November 2011

Arch Enhancers

  Both my mother and my grandmother were blessed with beautiful feet. I got my dad's. Though strong, my arches are low. Apart from that, I acquired Tendonitis on my left foot a few years ago and have been dancing with it ever since.
  There are some thing I do to try to improve my arches;

    1.  Stairs I push the front of my foot by putting pressure on it using the steps in the stairs. Slowly, I straighten my foot for a harder push.

    2. Hands When there are no stairs I just use my hands :D

    3.  The Capsule My mom had this pill-shaped piece of wood made. She sells them at her Yoga studio, The POD. They'r supposed to massage your feet.

    4.  Pointe shoes I wear them around the house anytime... :

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