13 December 2011

The Show

On that day I was like, "It's finally over!!!" Now I feel like "There's no Ballet tonight?" the recital went pretty well. We had class before the actual performance, which I thought was helpful. Then we put on our makeup.
  I felt my hands tense just right before our turn O_O
  During one of the practices, I actually got kicked in the face accidentally when I moved to close to one of my classmates. Sigh, the importance of formation...
  We didn't stay to long for the Christmas Party (I was still full from the heavy Sunday lunch). After we were still able to watch the LCB Show. I wanna go back for Jazz!!!! T_T I miss all my friends! They all grew soooo tall!!!! When my friend Josh greeted me after the performance he lifted me up in the air "Amber!" (me screaming)

Heres a video of the Locsin's recital. I'm the one on the far right, backless leotard :D 

BTW, our carol won second place :) hehehe...

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