13 October 2011

A Visit from Ballet Philippines

Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales
 Watched Ballet Philippines perform "Faces of Eve" in SM Mall Davao on Sunday. They were so good!! What I noticed most of all was that their jumps were silent, as in soundless! They performed both classical and contemporary pieces. I took some videos but, unfortunately, they won't upload.The pictures are kinda blurry too T_T.

  Most of what they performed were works by Filipino artists (Go Pinoy!) like; "To Whom It May Concern" by Novy Bereber, "Crisostomo Ibarra" <3 by: Paul Alexander Morales, and a lot more. They also performed Variations from "Harlequinade", and "The Sleeping Beauty".

  I'd say my favorite part was a contemporary piece in which the dancers wore white. I forgot it's title but it was  a really exciting piece.

Locsin's students with BP dancers

  I wish ballet companies would come to perform more often, I mean, we need stuff like this! There's barely any "happenings" around here and when there is the people of Davao flock in one place to be there.

  Anyway, here's a link to the company members of BP:
Ballet Philippines - THE COMPANY
I recognize some dancers including the one I was starstruck with <3 LOL :P Hehe

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