13 October 2011


  So this guy tells me that ballet is boring and that dance club just makes our bodies hurt. What is he throwing at me? I mean what the heck will he get from saying these things anyway? He’s not even part of Dance club! Well, he was but he quit and told me he hates it.

  Ok, I have to understand that when you go professional there will be standing ovations and tomato throwing. There will be times when you’ll be booed off the stage and, when that happens, you just have to remember all the people who said you were talented.

  I still have my loyal Dance club-ers to count on for inspiration. Yes my own students inspire me. They inspire me to keep going because they like what I do, that what I do works for them. They are so much nicer than my little critic anyway.

  It’s useless to ask “What did I do to get this kind of treatment?” because we’ll never know. So many different things go on in people’s minds and there could be a thousand things for him to dislike me. Maybe he finds me annoying, self centered. Or maybe he’s just jealous or doesn't even know the magnitude of what he's saying… :P

  And maybe ballet is boring, TO HIM. And maybe dance club is a strenuous activity, FOR HIM. It’s all a matter of opinion and one guy with foul mouth aint’ gonna’ make mah dance club crumble!!!! Movie stars get it all the time, I mean all this talk of Justin Bieber or Charice being cyber bullied. That’s how it rolls…
Haters only make you famous!

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