26 December 2012


V&A Museum, London

  I'm home now! We arrived in Davao City Friday night this week. I learned a lot of things about this trip; mostly about myself, people, common sense...

  The point of this post is that I'm quitting Ballet. If you've read a lot of my recent posts you can probably tell that I don't want to dance Ballet anymore, that I like theatre and acting, and am probably a little stressed and un-inspired. I could just continue dancing but just not be so serious about it, but, the problem is, it hurts! My foot, my back, I think I should start listening to my body and forget about what everyone else will say. My classmates will probably not fully understand, Teacher Agnes will most likely be disappointed, some people might say "I was right, she wouldn't stay" but it's not about them :)

  I'll probably make a new blog too. Not soon, when I've re-kindled the joy of blogging I will. I like to start from nothing. Start fresh.

  Since I wont dance anymore, I'm selling my new Gaynors for half the price I bought them, since they've already been used. So if you want a Gaynor Minden size 9.5 (8.5 in street shoes), Narrow, Box 3, Extraflex shank, please email me at amberspointe@gmail.com


13 December 2012

favorite places

★ Tower of London
★ Shakespeare's Globe
★ Richard III at the Apollo Theatre
★ Matilda at Cambridge Theatre

These are some of my favorite places and shows we've watched here in London. So far...

  Dad and I went to the National Theatre yesterday. We were looking around at their beautiful bookshop while waiting for their Backstage Tour to start. All the books there were about acting, Shakespeare, dance, and plays. I actually sat down on the couch there and was almost to the end of Act 1 of Terence Rattigan's "The Deep Blue Sea" when the tour did start.

  Our guide took us around two theatres, the Olivier and Lyttleton Theatres, and backstage to the workrooms of the building. The Olivier Theatre (named after Laurence Olivier) was really impressive. The stage was so versatile and the seating convenient for both performer and audience.
Dad let me buy a book afterwards and instead of chosing "The Deep Blue Sea" I chose "In-depth Acting" by Dee Cannon which I think could be a real essential in training for acting (which I am slowly diverting to).

  Today, We finally paid a visit to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The lady at the reception area was very friendly and accomodating. Visitors are not allowed inside the campus, though, so we only got as far as the booking office at the opposite side of the building where I got a printout of the school's 2013 prospectus (which is available for download in their site).

  Having a lot of time in our hands, Dad and I went to a near-by bookstore which was just as good as the National Theatre's. They had a whole shelf of books on dance and dancer's bios. Also,  a section on Drama.

  So yes, it's a happy ending for me! I was able to get my hands on "The Deep Blue Sea" + more Rattigan plays (for a better price).

  My reading list is all fired up!