28 April 2012

Traction Day 2

  There you go! I told you I'd post a picture of my mask! No one but me's done their masks yet :P LoL. Went to The Mindanao Orthopedic Sports and Rehabilitation Center again today for traction. I think I fell asleep on the machine O.o

  Finnished reading Apollo's Angels  :) Book review?

  Yesterday at Theatre class we started finalizing our presentations. Were doing a lot of improvisation...

  And, I got this email from The Ballet Bag on Yumiko's 10th Anniversary Contest!

P.S. we have a new pet ^_^

26 April 2012

Traction Day 1

  Finally had a traction today :) First the therapist asked me to lie prone (on my belly) then she put these wires  that kept vibrating, and hot compress on my back. After, we did some stretches. I was shaking in one of the exercises, which was like crunches (except that I had to hold my position for 10 seconds). Every time I crunch up my core and tighten the muscles, I would shake so much.

  It was kind of embarrassing. Dad says I have to work on my core strength some more. Some one also told me that a weak core could be the reason for my backpain O.o

  The traction was like the position Teacher Agnes told me to do. Except that I was being pulled while in that pose. I also had to stay there for 20 mins. 

Grace, the therapist who assisted me,
preparing the machine
  I told Teacher Agnes that I'm not joining the recital. She said "Ok" so very casually... In a way I'm relieved because my classmates' said there's someone to fill in for me...

  Babies was really tiring yesterday...

Strapped to the traction machine
  Finished decorating my mask for Theatre. I'll post a photo of it soon ^_^ I wonder what the others came up with... Ate Delphine told us to design it according to our personalities... We also had to make a play. my group's turned out to be really random. It started with a brave and powerful girl named Anna who lost her face (literally) and ended with her becoming a robot O.o

24 April 2012

Babies Ballet

  Didn't go to the traction session this morning :( Something came up... Lots of people are getting injured. I don't think I can join the recital. I'll just be a P.A. (Production Assistant) or something. Since everyone else will be busy changing into their costumes and getting ready for the next dance, I can help out with the Babies Ballet :) 

  I discovered something about the little girls in Babies. If you want them to follow, for example a particularly hard headed one doesn't want to stand up, it doesn't work if you coo to them, "Please stand up", in a sweet, high-pitched voice. They just stare at me when I do that, it's like it takes longer for their brains to process a shrilly, batting eyelash, "Can you stand up please" compared to a stern but firm "Stand up".
  I "discovered" this little trick, when I got kind of frustrated with this one little girl on the first line who really doesn't dance! She just stares at Teacher Sweet, and whoever is coaxing her to "Please follow". I was all tired of  stooping down too her so she could here me so I just said "Zowie, stand up" in a stern voice. She got up all right.

  I was thrilled. I shred my new knowledge to Gian and Christine. Gian was like, "OMG, It works!!!" haha! :D

  There's this one little girl who keeps asking me what my name is and telling me I have nice hair. "Ate, anong name mo? (What's your name?)" over and over. So, I told her that I would only tell her my name if she dances properly and follows instructions... She still doesn't know my name up to now. :P

21 April 2012

"Your so young..."

  "Your so young to have an injury like that." Teacher Agnes said to me yesterday after I told her about my injury.I felt like crying on hearing that. I went to her as soon as Babies Ballet ended. She was with Kuya Henry in the canteen. Maybe it was the possibility that I can't join the recital, or the smell of all the smoke from her cigaret that made me teary eyed. She said that it was caused by my posture, I have an overly arched back :( "Ngayon, maniwala ka na? (Now do you believe me?)" she said, "So when will I see you again [for class]?"
I told her that I'm scheduled for traction next week and that I could come back to class as soon as the week after if things get better.

  Later, on the second floor studio, she gave me an exercise, position rather, to straighten my spine. My back did not hurt in that position :) I have to stay in this position for 20 minutes, two to three times a day. Woke up early this morning to do that...

  We're going to make masks for Theatre on Monday. It felt stupid acting like a maya bird :P 

20 April 2012

Missing Out

Our Lab, Cornelia
  Kuya John told me not to demonstrate the steps for Ballet 1b this morning. He asked another ballet classmate of mine, Therese, to demo (thank you, Therese!!!). She has such nicely arched feet and hyper extended knees.
I just went around correcting the little girls.

  I have to talk to Teacher Agnes. My classmates said that she noticed I wasn't attending class and told them to tell her if they have injuries.

  Inah updates me about Hip Hop. They'r learning all the good steps when I'm not there!!! They did Dougie last Tuesday and yesterday, they were taught Krumping :( Plus, Kuya Arnel started choreographing in Jazz!

A Maya Bird
  For Theatre, we were asked to observe an animal. I'm observing a maya bird. I could observe our Labrador Cornelia, but I thought a dog would be too common (speaking of which, I'm developing feelings for Teacher Agnes' pug O.o). Plus if Ate Delphine asked us to act it out, I don't think I can sustain crawling.

  Well, wish me luck this afternoon :) Will be off to attend Theatre and assist Babies Ballet in a while. Hopefully I can talk to Teacher Agnes...

19 April 2012


  Visited the PT this afternoon. Tito Richi (the PT) says my it's a nerve impingement and scheduled me for a visit to the traction machine on Tuesday @_@ Mom thinks it's because I tuck my behind in too much while dancing. She does this exercise with me that's supposed to make my sit bone point downward without me having to tense my gluteus maximus. Is it too late to join the recital? I actually do not feel bad, though, about taking this break away from dancing. It's a relief. So much for that scholarship... At least I can still assist :)

Traction Machine
  Yesterday, after Babies Ballet, I was packing up my things. Everyone else was in Modern 1. Those who were not asked me if I had already had my back checked. My Jazz teacher Kuya Arnel wished me a fast recovery.. Well that made me feel better.

  I'm frustrated with Ballet. I can't do it! Especially when you extend your leg and supposedly your under-thigh muscle works, urgh! I cried one night thinking about that. I always use the muscles in my quadriceps and they'r getting bigger, and bigger T_T I end up comparing other dancer's legs to mine... Obviously, I'm not in a very good mood today... I'm just pouring over this blog, Look Book, and Apollo's Angels here at home...              

  Yesterday, I was waiting for Mom to pick me up after assisting Ballet 1B so I went over to the bulletin board and... Teacher Agnes' cousin Michael Dakudao has a new article on the gathering in Tugbok last Sunday ^_^ Here's the link: Celebrating Life after Death


18 April 2012

Home-made Icepack!

  Made my own Ice pack! It's so super simple :))
 All you need is;
- A seal-able plastic bag (I used Ziploc)
- Water
-Isoprpyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

  The alcohol is supposed to stop the water from freezing but when I opened the fridge this morning I found my little Ice pack all hard :|

  Off to Locsins to asssist in Ballet 1b. I just hope we don't do any por de bras :(

17 April 2012

Back Pain

Advirtisment I saw in
a bus stop in SG
  Today there is Ballet, Hip Hop, and Jazz. But I'm not attending. Yesterday, my back started hurting again and I cried again. The back pain started Saturday night but I ignored it :( We went swimming the next day but it didn't make my back pain worse so I took it as a good sign and went to class the next day, yesterday.

  I came earlier than usual and saw Georgette Sanchez ♥_♥ During Ballet 1C which I assist in, I just tried to remember my posture. Teacher Agnes was watching us. Kuya John, the teacher of 1C actually has the same problem as me. He helped me with my pull up and knees. He also told me to stretch the muscles on the front of my legs (quadriceps) so that they will 'flatten'.

  My back started hurting after Ballet, but only a little. During tap it also hurt but it was worse during modern :( It was already bad after Modern 1 but I was able to make it through Modern 2. The crunches and core exercises helped, I guess.

  When class ended, I couldn't even bend down to pick up my bag and I was just letting my water jug fall on the floor because I couldn't stoop down to put it carefully T_T Then when I got home, the usual, ice-pack, tears...

  So, there you go,. I've decided not to attend classes and only come into the ones I'll assist and Theatre class, which has a different recital and does not require much dancing. Ate Delphine says we're going to do a play.

15 April 2012

Last Day of the Dancing Week

  Yesterday morning at ballet, Teacher Agnes made me transfer to a barre closer to her. I usually take my place near the leftmost window in front of the mirror. She asked me to stay on the barre in front of my usual place. I don't know if this means I'm improving (Ballet 5 takes the barres closest to T. Agnes), or if she wants to observe me more. Dad says both are good anyway...

  Teacher Agnes let me and Christine rest. She said we were tired and that our legs were getting heavier.

The Glass Ballerina
  We had lunch at a friends house where I noticed this pretty glass ballerina figurine and where I took this picture:

  I just noticed how my foot looked in the mirror ^_^ It's actually not so clear here but, I think it's improved, though, Teacher Agnes keeps telling me to "Go higher!!!"
  Hip hop in Locsins is more technical compared to the classes in LCB, where it's more choreographic. Yesterday, we learned tutting, sliding, floating, and popping. Our instructor even includes some history; where the step came from, who made it, and those stuff...

  Jazz class was fun as usual :) We did grand jetes and my favorite step; the fan kick. One time, all of us were trying out the exercise from the corner of the room. Kuya Arnel was watching and correcting us. After one practice while marking with the music, he said; "Disaster Coordinating Council Davao Branch" we all laughed :P Inah and I were assigned to memorize the warm up since our "memory card" Patricia, is leaving for a week :| 

   All (well, most) of my ballet classmates are in Tugbok, Mintal right now, visiting the Locsin family's mosoleum. It's the death anniversary of Carmen Locsin, Teacher Agnes' mom. She just passed away last year.

12 April 2012


My "Johawk"
  Today started with a ballet class. Followed by another ballet class. Now that I'm a scholar I have to attend both Ballet 3 and 4. I actually found it energizing.Though I wouldn't say I did well. teacher Agnes. made me downgrade a bit. She told me not to turn during this one exercise and not to do the frappes on releve. I now know the reason for my back pains. Teacher Agnes said that I arch my back too much. I have to work on tucking in my behind O.o Someone must'v told her that I cried during the rehearsal for Midsummer...

  I went home for lunch since my next class Hip Hop was still at 4 p.m. I spent the afternoon styling a "Johawk". It's this hairstyle dancer Joey Dowling does on herself. It's like a Mohawk without having to shave off your hair :P Yeah mehn! My hair sure stole the scene ^_^ "How many hairpins did you use?" "Can I touch your hair?" "How did you do that?" Haha!

  Of course I had to join Hip Hop. Our instructor's style is very "Old School" We learned stuff like Scooby Doo, Jazz Split (iDentity crew member Manjo's signature move), Pimp walk, and a lot more :))

  Jazz was next. I'm in Jazz 2. In the first floor studio, the faculty and original Ballet 4 were also dancing Jazz under the instruction of Tita Bing, Achi Yam, and Kuya Kevin, my teachers at LCB! Tita Bing will be teaching Tap too. Since Jazz 2 is still at 6 p.m., I went upstairs to watch Jazz 1 and talk with a few classmates waiting there too ^_^

Jazz 1 taught by Kuya Arnel

  Jazz was super fun! I can still do a triple pirouette after months of not practicing! Our teacher is Kuya Arnel. Aside from   pirouettes we also did this awesome jump called a side jette. We also did some routines ^_^

  Tomorrow, we'll have Tap and Modern and I'll be assisting for Ballet 1b and babies. I'm particularly excited for Modern ^_^

* * *
The Locsin's Dance Workshop is offering classes on Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop... For inquiries call The Locsin's Dance Workshop at (63 82) 227-4753 
The Locsin's Dance Workshop 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines

11 April 2012

Home Finally!!!

Chachi Gonzales
  Yes!!! I'm home :)) My grandma said I got thinner which is ironic since the only time I ever felt hungry during our trip was when I woke up in the morning O.o
  I didn't attend the class I signed up for in SDT. While walking to Fort Canning Center I felt if-y about going to the class. I was scared it would be too hard. It's a lame thing to be scared of but I felt really nervous and, in the middle of the (literally) uphill walk, I turned around to go back to the hotel. I thought; "Is Ballet something I want to do, or something I think I have to do?" I have to do some deep thinking @_@

  Pat mentioned something about another dance competition. Ok, this time I really have to say 'no' from the start. I don't want to be unprofessional and back out on last minute like last time... Sorry iDentity :|

  I hope I get to catch up on the bizz in Locsins. I mean, last time, in LCB, when I came in late for the summer workshop (I went to camp earlier in the month) I felt like I didn't know what to do or where to go for almost half the summer :(( 

  Oh, and Chachi's in Manila :D Chachi Gonzales In Manila

  And please check out the iDentity tab on this blog ^_^

10 April 2012

Tap Dancing ♥

  Was just looking through my mom's computer and I found this video of Alive, the last recital I joined in LCB :)) I really love this tap number of all the dances that we performed in that show! There's actually a story behind it... it's something like rich verses poor but in the end it's all just a big joke :P It was choreographed and conceptualized by Kuya Ritz (the now G-force Philippines dancer).
  Enjoy! ^_^

09 April 2012

just WICKED!!!!

Fan-sign! ^_^

  Man what a show! New fave musical! Watched Wicked this weekend! One day, I'll be a part of something like that... LOL! But seriously! It made me cry... THRICE!

  The choreography and lighting was all so clean and well done! So were their voices!!! I was impressed beyond expression! I stood up in the end. I wanted to give them a curtain call; "I love you Elphaba!!!" but I didn't =(

4th Position :P Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre ♥

  There's really something about watching a Broadway musical that makes you reconnect with yourself... Yeah... So when you feel all jaded and bored go to Broadway! ^_^

  I unexpectedly cried at the end of "Defying Gravity". I just remembered the LCB days when me and two other sopranos were chosen to sing the last high parts :) We never performed it though...

 * * * *
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Wickedthemusical
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/WICKED_Musical
Official Site: http://www.wickedthemusical.com/


08 April 2012

Orchard Rd

Me and my sisters :) all lined up underneath the SOTA sign

  I registered for another trial class in SDT :)) Instead of feeling all embarrassed, I should just keep trying.. does that make sense? (lol the instructor of last time's class kept saying that :P)

  Passed by the dance shop in The Cathay. It's actually NOT a shop. Jitterbugs is like a dance school, I think. I saw little kids running out of the door in tap shoes ^_^

  There's also another school near The Cathay. School of the Arts or SOTA. I don't know if they have dance though...

  While walking around Orchard, this group of  people stopped me and asked if they could take a pic of me holding this board. I agreed :) 

  These students and teenagers like myself, volunteered to stand around Orchard  Road asking people to have their pictures taken with sign boards that say ONE:100 smoking the waterpipe? This is to discourage people into ever trying shisha (a kind of narcotic) :)

Please like their FB: http://www.facebook.com/oneto100?ref=ts :D

06 April 2012

Ballet In The Media

  Dad took us to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Takashimaya yesterday. My little sister Allegra pointed out a book to me. On the cover was a black tutu-clad ballerina bending down.The title, Various Positions on her butt :|

  What is the world coming to? I mean, with books like this and movies like Black Swan, everyones going to think that ballerinas and danseurs are total maniacs [Well you won't know what I'm talking about untill you read it too] @_@ I only read the first few pages (and the back and side flaps) of the book so I won't do any criticizing. It was a page-turner, in fairness :)

  It's  a book about growing up and choices but it's not a book a parent, at least, my parents [I think] would get me. Well, I still have Apollo's Angels and The Ballet Companion sitting on my shelf. Oh plus, this cool book my Mom got me; Dance Anatomy. It shows the muscles used in some dance moves :) She suggested I make it part of my Science for this year :D Homeschooling!

05 April 2012

"Theres nothing on the floor..."

  The  class last night was good thought it ended with me being very frustrated with myself. I couldn't get the steps right!

  Barre was good. It was full of simple stretches and expressive Ron de Jambe arms. The music for the first exercise was "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera. On the third barre combination, Shaw, the instructor, said, "10 points to whoever can guess where this music comes from." No one guessed it but he told us that it was the grand aria of Rossini's opera Cinderella :)) He also played a lot of Carmen (one of my faves too ^_^) 
  Half the time during center work,though, I was just walking. The combinations were very choreographic and (not sure if it's a good or bad thing) Locsin's has  really rubbed off on me. I'm no longer that over expressive "bravura" dancer as they call it. I guess I'm more shy now :( Shaw, corrected me several times saying "Theres nothing on the floor" Great, now my usual line to dance club students is being used on me -_-

  Maybe it's this long rest that has slowed me down... my spirits are low. When I looked at a photo today (a ballet photo of course), I felt like I would never look like like that T_T I was a mess of steps and uncertainty last night.

Me and SDT Instructor, Shaw Coleman

  I guess one waterloo of Locsin's is that we practice a dance and try to make it perfect while others make themselves perfect so that they look good with whatever role is thrown at them. I have to work on my memory and fast footsteps...
*Scroll Down for more pics ^_^*

Me and Tita Coly; family friend and fellow dancer

A shelf full of pointes

04 April 2012

Ballet Day

   Good Morning!!! Yesterday was MY day :P No, it wasn't my birthday but it sure felt like. We went to Fort Canning Park to look for Singapore Dance Theatre (just so that when we go there today we wouldn't get lost). I could hear the ballet  music from the outside and I was walking fast to get to it... I always have that nervous, slightly intimidated feeling when I go towards music like that. It's so magical...

  SDT is located at the second storey of the fort. As we were climbing the stairs, Mom was taking random pictures. She said I looked so happy. I was, it was soooo exciting ^_^ 

  Inside the studio, the dancers were having a short break. I suddenly got scared. What if the class I signed up for would be too hard? I'll find out tonight :(  Oh, and good news, Mom's coming with me to class to take pics tonight :)
  After, we went to Orchard Road to visit Sonata! I bought a white leo (it's so hard to get good white leos at home) and piiiiiinkkk tights :)) While trying them on my mom said "Tabaa mo ngayon Ambs uy! (Your so fat now Abs!)" :(  Oh no!!!!
Capezio Foot Undeez
  Dad wanted me to buy pointes but they were all very soft and my dear Grishkos are still solid ^_^
  I saw foot undeez!!!!! But I decided not to buy because I could get used to the harsh bare feet of contemporary, I mean modern class (and their expensive >.<)

02 April 2012

Dance Shop Discovery!

The dance shop in Cathay
  Hello!!! Blogging from Singapore... This is so fun ^_^ I've never blogged from another place before O.o
  We just dropped our things off at the hostel we were staying in and headed out to a place called Cathay where Mom spied a dance wear shop!!! Hmm... another addition to fave shopping places :P

   We ate dinner at the food court there and I bought tea... Well, too much tea :(( I made a mistake... it tasted good though :) Now we have extra tea to keep. Guilt -_- LOL, I'm so giult-tea :P Corny?
  I hope I can drag the gang along with me to Sonata and the one we just found, tomorrow... I don't even know what the shop is called... LOL It's similar to when you like someone and don't even know his or her name ^_^ Well, they're happily all within Orchard Road :)
  I'm sleeping really late these nights O.O talk about eyebags...

01 April 2012

British Ballet

  Am in probably the most exciting part of  Jennifer Homans' Apollo's Angels; "The British Moment" which is about, of course, ballet in England. This is where our dear Margot Fonteyn, Covent Garden, and the Royal Ballet come in.
  I think my mom enjoyed the movie last night, despite it's tragic end, because she asked if I had any more ballet movies to watch. I read about Moira Shearer starring in The Red Shoes just toady and I suggested we watch that :) We haven't finished it yet though...
  This is great timing :D Very fitting to watch while reading "The British Moment" :P

  I learned, today, that the reason for the scarcity for boys in ballet is because of the WAR!!! Would you believe?! Speaking of which, there's an audition for boys in Locsin's. Guys have to present a two minute solo. I don't have the schedule though... Just call (63 82) 227-4753 :)) or visit The Locsin Dance Workshop, 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines ^_^

P.S. Saw some friends from R.A.D. today :)