31 May 2012

remember... Your Halfway There

  Mom told me I had to slow down with my Math... For the past few weeks I have been doing over six Math activities and am now half way through the book. But this is because I've been spending nearly the whole day sitting down just answering... so now that I'm not so busy with one thing, I spent the afternoon watching The Opera Nationale de Paris' 2002 production of Rusalka. I'm still in Act 3, hopefully I get to finish watching by tonight ^_^

My math workbooks
Photo via Between Now and Later

  Heard from a friend that there was a choreography workshop in Locsin's today... How come I didn't know about this??? (Checking Locsin's FB this very instant) Ahh... I see, it's until June 3 :) I can't dance anyway, back still hurts. Is it normal to just want to give up!? But if I, then what?... #crisis -_-

  We're all so exited for the movie of Les Miserables!!! it's not yet coming out untill Christmas... Must we wait that long? Well, I still have The Phantom of the Opera to look forward to this August >.<

  Such a moving trailer... :')

  It inspires me to see people who really don't give up... I realized this while watching Captain America. Far out? I'm not sure if I've blogged this before, but there's this saying that goes something like, when your really, really, tired and just about ready to give up, just remember that your halfway there... I think it's from the movie Legend of the Guardians :)

  I'll keep that saying in mind.

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