22 May 2012

Zero Plastic :D

  I just heard from my mom a few days ago that our city is eliminating plastic. Yes, shops wont pack things in plastic anymore so we all have to start bringing shopping bags. I have waited for this day when my still-beautiful hometown turns green... Looking out the window of an airplane you can se ethat Davao is still a pretty 'healthy' place :) I'm glad they'r doing something to preserve it.

Enjoying my handmade ravioli :)
  Went to Abreeza today. Mom has started buying local kakanin (rice cake) for snacks instead of stuff like hot dog or fries. It's really way more enviro-friendly because they wrap it up in banana leaves. It's also way cheaper. It's like 15 php. while a cup of Ice Tea is 35 php :O The thing is, you have to chose what kakanin to eat. The one I had this morning was really oily -_- Learned how to make pasta this afternoon with sisters and lil' bro ^_^

   Heard from a friend that classes in Locsin's for our batch doesn't start until July. Wow... I guess Teacher Agnes is busy :| More time for me to recuperate and get back on my feet. And also to learn some Oppera songs :D I also want to start a training regiment for myself, swimming, stretching, etc., though I'm going to be really busy with my academics... Back to Homeschooling. I'm catching up with Math so that hopefully I can start Geometry by June or July... Is that advanced? Delayed? Unnecessary? -_- I'll just work with what we have. We're planning to do this A.L.S. program that supports 'out of school youths'...

  Also, don't miss Season 6 of Dance 212 ^_^

  And thanks so much for all the likes on Facebook^_^

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