05 May 2012

Traction Day 3 (last)

  Last day of traction last Thursday. If I don't get better after this weekend, we're going to the chiropractor :| Not so scared about going as a few days a go. A lot of people say it's safe and all... I'm going to do this hot compress thing regularly. Hot compress first, then stretches, followed by Teacher Agnes' exercise :)

  Missed class yesterday. Was almost admitted to the hospital :( Felt sick... Thank goodness I feel better now :D I felt ok in the morning so I still went to Locsin's to assist ballet 1b. Mom had to drop me off really early because Ashley still had Violin Lessons at The POD. I was there since 9 a.m. or later. There was this one kid from the Ballet 1a class who grazed her elbow. I helped her wash it and Manong Jessi (Locsin's all around set designer, gardener, and handy-man) brought some Betadine and band aid. I was really impressed with the kid because, although her face was stained with tears, she did not scream or throw any tantrums while we were dressing her wound. Really brave kid :D

  Watched The Avengers (Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with ballet anymore :P) so loved it!!! I wanna do a movie marathon! So love Tom Hiddleston 

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