02 June 2012

One Creepy Dream @_@

  Ok, so I had a dream last night... I'm not so sure how it started but somehow I ended up in Locsin's and was talking to Teacher Agnes. She told me that my back injury could be fatal. She said something like "You have to be careful because you could die..." @_@ Afterwards, she fixed my hair with a curling iron and random friends were coming in and out of wherever we were, and helping her with my hair and, if that wasn't weird enough, one of my best friends from LCB came in asked her something in such a squeeky voice that was so unlike her O.o Does any of that mean anything? It's just too weird... I'm creeped out myself... It's just too random for interpretation...

  I don't feel like doing my math right now ('I don't feel like'... sounds so un-professional) and I'm kind of falling behind. I made this bow out of denim from my aunt's old pair of pants that I cut into shorts this afternoon ^_^  Haha! #ArtsandCraftsDay...

  Please check out the new blog my sister and I made, it's about music; http://girlatclavier.blogspot.com/ 

  Class in Locsin's starts June 18.... Watching Dance 212: Freedom Within the Movement :)

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