14 May 2012

My First Theatre Performance

The Locsin dance Workshop's Theatre class
  "Break a leg!" Ate Delphine said as she passed chocolates around to us right after our warm up yesterday. We all had a snack and (in my case) some Dinner at the canteen. There were only two of us wearing yellow in the whole ensemble. Teacher Agnes described my costume as "bright as the sunshine"... 

  We were only required to wear 'normal person' make up since the stage in Locsins isn't very big. I realized when I got home that I should have used the Jane Iredale foundation, since it's liquid and comes out thicker. I have been using a Max Factor foundation since December. The J.I. foundation has a more yellowish shade while the M.F. one is on the pink side... My favorite part of make up is eyes ^_^ I usually extend my eyeliner a little bit away from my eyelids, It looks cute :P I didn't apply any eyeliner underneath for the last two shows before this one, but I did last night. I read that this is the proper way to apply liner in The Ballet Companion.

  The show was a success! I wish I invited more people :) After the curtain call, when we were all backstage we did a biiiggg group hug and cheered ourselves :D The only blooper I remember was when Kuya John said  "Mabuhay si Diwatakasilipan" (Long live Diwatakasilipan) in a voice that was corrupted by the urge to laugh. It sounded like it was said thru an electric fan... I was also having a hard time stopping my laughter during the 'Oracle' because of the answers and the laughing audience...

  I can't figure out how to send the video of the show to my laptop, since my dad took it with his iPad... I'll try to post it as soon as I can :) 

  We were allowed to bring our masks home but the giant heads had to stay behind, in the 'museum' :D 

  Theatre is really fun. You just have to remember some rules, your corrections, your lines, and bring out the right emotions. It's basically the same for ballet, I guess, but with ballet there's technique. Plus because you'r using your whole body, and moving around a lot, ballet is waaay more exhausting... I'm considering Theatre over ballet... tuning into my emotions seems easier tan using the correct muscles to me O.o

  Today is a bad day for my back... I wasn't able to do my exercise... I really should stop procrastinating -_- I do hope I heal...

  Oberon arrived yesterday. He is Ballet Philippines' Timothy Cabrera. There was added choreography, more jumps...

  I only found out last night that Locsins has an Official Facebook page :D You can find old photos there... How could I have not seen this before? Grrr!... Please like! :)) aaannnd, I also just saw this now:
Locsin Dance Workshop's A Dream, One Midsummer Night  in Run Thru Philippines' Website  :) Oh Yeah! I have a picture at a dance magazine! LoL :P

Do watch our recital :D

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