13 May 2012

Under The Lights

  When I got to Locsin's yesterday, The stage was all set! We did some warm up then Ate Delphine fixed a small part in the play. I think our  'Oracle' was good during the run. Teacher Agnes asked; "Why do glass break?" We answered "Brittle-is-the-" after which we barely made sense... It's hard to stop yourself from laughing when the audience is. Tita Jennie asked "Why do birds suddenly appear?" I forgot our answer but it was not the song :P 

  I was able to take lots of pics!!! :D 

  During breaks, we ate to keep our energy up, and practiced the 'Oracle'. Every one was frowning on the snack I brought which was almonds mixed with raisins and chocolate chips. I thought it was a super treat.. I guess everyone's just so used to McDonalds, and other fastfood -_- 

The masks, pre-set on the stage

  Teacher Agnes told us to play with our masks and giant heads more. After the whole run, she and Ate Delphine gave some notes "You know Amber is the only one who improved in the giants," Teacher Agnes said... I almost cried.I thought for a while that she really doesn't like me or something... I guess she just wants all of us to push ourselves :)

Epic Fail pic...

  And... this is what I came home to!!! :D

  The show tonight is at 6pm in the studio... Hope I can get Lolo and Lola to watch :)

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