27 May 2012

Should anyone?

  Was not able to  go to the R.A.D. recital. I helped Mom with her Baby Wearing Meet Up at The POD. It was fun and I met this little baby who was wearing a ballet costume ^_^ Look! She's even wearing tights!

  My braces weren't taken out on my appointment the other day -_-  Another month or two...

  Am watching Jane Eyre, one of my favorite movies, with one of my favorite actors; Mia Wasikowska. Mia used to dance too :) She actually trained professionally, specifically for ballet. I had wanted to blog about her long ago when I had first learned about this but, somehow, I wasn't able to seg-way it... She stopped dancing because of issues about anorexia and weight. That's really brave of her, in some way, I mean, to stop dancing altogether, knowing that it would be hard to start over if ever... But why would she stick to something she's not happy about? Why should anyone?

She does look like such a nice person ^_^
   I finished reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. I hope Jane Eyre will be next!

  Watched this Karate tournament in SM this afternoon. It reminded me of when I was not yet into dancing; when my main activity was Teakwando. I stopped when I just got promoted to red belt...

  When people asked me why, I said it was because I got bored. There were not much tournaments at the time I stopped and I was taking more classes than most of my peers was. I never felt tired after class, I realize now it's because of my personality. All that kicking and sparring was a way of mine to release my anger, what ever I was, or am, angry about. I can't do that for dancing, not so much at least...

  For a while I wanted to go back to that life. I wondered how I, how life, would be if I was still a fighting girl. I though of quitting ballet... Should I?.. Then I thought about this blog.. and music! Where else is there music, or art, than in dance? 

  Do I still love ballet? Should I be asking that? Should anyone?

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  1. We all have to revisit our choices dear. Thanks so much for helping out!!! Big help!