07 May 2012

Summer so far...

Flying 1st position!!!!
  Whew! Just finished my 'regiment' :) It lasts like a whole hour. 15 minutes hot compress, then probably 15 the same length of time for the stretches, then lying down on the floor with my knees bent for 20 mins.

  Was late for Theatre today :(  Like, really late. I came in 30 minutes after class started. Ate Delphine didn't say anything though... I'm a giant in our short play called Si Diwatakasilipan At Si Talabusaw. It's borrowed from a Maguindanao legend :) I guess I was chosen for the role because of my height, which I formerly saw as a disadvantage.

  This actor (who I mentioned in my last post), Tom Hiddleston, is kind of inspiring me to pursue Theatre. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and played Loki in the Avengers. I'm also think about being more of a Modern/Contemporary dancer instead of Classical. Come to think of it, Locsin's is the perfect place to get Modern training here in Davao... I'll stick with Teacher Agnes :) Yeah... Plus I think there's Modern as well as ballet courses for college in Manila.

Coldstone SG
  I'm not eating a lot these days. I guess that's because I don't need that much energy. Also because of what happened last Friday, when I was almost admitted to the hospital. I did not eat anything that day except for Breakfast O.o Watching Captain America and taking those meds the doctor gave me helped :D I also strictly stopped eating Pork chop.

  The ice pack I made started leaking so I threw it away :(

  Run-thru season is starting. Less morning classes. Theatre recital this Sunday, Summer Showcase the Wednesday after... These two little girls in Babies almost fell out the balcony... Man, what would have happened if we didn't see them... Suicidal kids! Nah! Just kiddin' :P

  Well, there's a bright side too this whole Bummer [injured] Summer; I get to take pics at the dress-tech!!!


  TY to Miho for checking out my blog ^_^

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