08 May 2012

Today at Theatre :)

  All four giants were able to practice Diwatakasilipan with our headdresses in Theatre class today :D Mine is a grey-eyed, purple head with a bandage and a ring on it's lip. Ate Delphine called it the kikay head. Kikay is a slang Tagalog word used to describe girly stuff, by the way ^_^ No two heads look alike. Too bad I didn't think of taking a picture... hopefully I can take one soon :)

  We practiced on the first floor studio where the recital will be held this Sunday. We really had to make our voices loud. My throat hurts :| ... There's this part where we have to stay backstage (well, in the garden, actually) and scream like the giants are chasing us. There was this one time when I was screaming, making my voice sound really desperate and Ate Jill started laughing!

  We also practiced the first part with the masks. They are so hot and little fragments of plaster ended up in my face afterwards. Christine, who had a sparkly mask, had glitter on her face ^_^  

  While waiting for Mom to pick me up, I took pics of Teacher Agnes and the faculty members practicing Okir.

  My appetite's back... Well, at least for Lunch. Didn't eat meat for Dinner, since it was bacon -_-

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