02 May 2012

Dream Shop

  Last night I couldn't sleep. I was fantasizing about my dream shop. One day I'll open a dance shop.  I'll name it from Pointe to Pointe, after this blog :) The first in Davao, unless someone has the same idea as me. In this shop I will sell Yumiko leotards, Bunheads, even books on dance!

  Speaking of which, I started reading The Ballet Companion by Eliza Gaynor-Minden. It's really good, I like it :)  I'm still in the part where she talks about manners and what to expect from class. I even came across a list of things to put in a dance bag!

  Back to my dream shop... I so wish it would be in Plaza del Carmen. That's the place where my mom's Yoga Studio, The POD, is. The main feature of the shop would be a nice dressing room with a short barre and mirror (full-body). It would be a lot like Grishko's NYC store ♥ Only smaller of course :D

  Also, I thought last night, if I'm going to get someone to help me man the store, she has to know a thing or two about dance, ballet especially, and pointe shoes.

  BTW There's this interesting Pointe shoe. Supposedly designed for Nike :P 

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