12 May 2012

Last day of Rehearsal (Theatre)

  Wow, I have been posting a whole lot lately :) I was late for Theatre yesterday. I arrived at around 8:40, ten minutes after schedule -_- Ate Delphine choreographed a short dance for our entrance as giants. It's full of jumps and stomping around. My back hurt a little after :O I stopped applying hot compress, following the advice of my parents; "Let it heal by it''s self."

  I went back to Locsin's yesterday afternoon for the ballet rehearsal. We rehearsed with the Babies Ballet class and they were very good ^_^ At least for that day... I went home, though, before the rehearsal for the other classes started (the show will be divided into two parts; Ballet [Midsummer], and the other dances [Broadway]). But I was able to take pics of Kuya Arnel's Jazz class doing some last minute clean up :D

  This afternoon, I have to head to Locsin's by three for the last Theatre rehearsal before the show tomorrow (Aaaaaa!! It's tomorrow already!). At around 6, we'll have a dress tech. I guess make-up wont be too dark, but Ate Delphine hasn't mentioned anything about that yet.

  I plan to take lot's of pics with my class mates for memories but we'll see if there's time tonight... 
  Bye for now, I'm going to check out this slideshow by The Australian Ballet: 50 Years of The Australian Ballet hope you (and I) enjoy it! ^_^

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