16 May 2012

Backstage Pass: Locsin Summer Show

  The run-thru last night was such an experience for me... It was my first time to be backstage at CAP (well anywhere, actually) and not performing. It was also my first time to watch the dances of Jazz (Grease), Hip Hop (Dremgirls I think), Tap(Westside Story), and Modern (Phatom of the Opera). I so wanted to dance while watching the Jazz number :(

  Teacher Agnes allowed the audience to take pics of some dances which were performed before the actual run-thru. The pics I post today are those dances and some I took of the performers (my classmates) before the show started.

  There was nothing to do backstage so I started asking people if they needed help. Being a performer, I know the rush and fear that you won't be able to make it in time for your number, it happened to me once. It was fun doing people's makeup and generally helping out ^_^ I did my friend Therese's makeup, and helped Gian (who plays Puck) with her eyebrows... I just love doing makeup, it's so fun :)) I don't wear makeup on regular days so I guess that's part of why I like performing on stage...

   I believe that all performers should know how to prepare themselves for a show. Part of that is sewing, putting on makeup, fixing hair, and first-aid among others. What a great school that would be that teaches all these :)  Don't mind helping out though ^_^

  The set is beautiful, by the way. It's so simple yet so magical... Especially when they turn on the blue light, It looks really good with the gold stars. Maybe we should all go for makeup on the gold side :D Is there such thing as a 'stage makeup artist'? Yeah, I guess there is... who'd green up Elphaba in Wicked if there wasn't?

  Sooo many pics! All taken by me :) Please check them out on Facebook

  Do watch the recital tonight... 6pm, CAP Grand Auditorium.

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