09 May 2012

Run Thru Season

Giant heads for Theatre :)
  We did a run thru of A Midsummer Night's Dream today. For me the best number was the dance of the birds (I think) choreographed by Kuya Henry and performed by his class. I kinda felt like crying watching my peers dance.. I could have been there... With them...

  At the end of the run, Teacher Agnes asked the younger kids "What time is our rehearsal tomorrow?" and they said, "Foooouuuur." "In the...?" "(innocent voice) Morning" BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Other funny stuff that happened today included a little kid saying, "Ugh, that Lola (Grandma) again!" when she saw Teacher Agnes :O So mean! Ate Jill (who's playing Tatiana in Midsummer) told me about it... Another one:

TR. AGNES:  You will not talk while I am talking. You can only talk when I say 'Questions?'
  You will answer, 'None' :P

  We rehearsed and finished Si Diwatakasilipan at si Talabusaw at Theatre today :) It's really strange with the giant heads. You can't estimate if your going to bump your "head" or not... But it's cool at the same time because we have to use movement to express your emotions since our heads cannot change expression...

  GTG for now, I still have to do my exercise therapy thing.. :) Thanks for dropping by!Run Thru

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