10 May 2012

Good Morning Theatre :)

Manong Jessi painting props

  Theatre class today from 9am to 12 pm  :) When I got to Locsin's at around 8:30 this morning, there was this long blue piece of mesh cloth on the stage. It's for the giant heads... I mentioned previously that we have to use movement to express ourselves because our faces are covered... That's true, but let me get this straight, it doesn't mean that our faces should remain expressionless. It's kind of hard to say something with conviction while your face is blank :|

  Our giant costume was hot and itchy with the mesh. Our heads also became more inclined to sliding off so Ate Didelphine decided to attach the mesh onto them. The color of my mesh is pink BTW ^_^ ... there were only two giants today because our Diwatakasilipan was absent so Jobelle filled in the role :) Nursiva, the damsel of this play, was also absent... Teacher Agnes watched us for a while. Rumor has it that she's watching the whole thing on Friday @_@

Ate Delphine and Kuya John
measuring the cloth for the giant costume on Jose

  Tomorrow the giants are expected to be at the studio by 8:30. We have to do a dance or something... I wonder... Oh! I should not forget my corrections. I had 2: Don't forget the ad-lib while chasing Nursiva, and tie my bangs :D

  Watching this documentary on YouTube. It's about a modern production of Shakespeare's Cymbeline with the brilliant Tom Hiddleston in the cast... 


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