17 May 2012

What's Left of Summer...

  Arrived at CAP yesterday at around 5:30. The house was full and me and two other girls had to squeeze our way through the crowd. I was afraid that would cause a riot but I guess those waiting understood that we were performers (well, sort of) ^_^ 

  During LCB shows, performers either stay backstage, or near the 'aprons' (the stairs on the side of the stage). In last night's show, the Baby's Ballet and Ballets 1a to 2 stayed within the audience. We had to form a really long line (it was particularly challenging with the Baby's Ballet) and trek backstage. I think it would have been easier if we all stayed near the aprons... 

  Backstage was all cheering and goodbyes after the show. Everyone was hugging everyone... There was a party in Locsin's that night, I didn't go, though :| 

  My LCB friends watched the show. The were all asking why I did not dance and if I would watch their show on Sunday. They told me to wait for the show to end, and to wait for them to come out when it did. Wow! This week is really, well, theatrical... cultural, rather; this Saturday, we are also going to watch a charity concert by the Agdao Violin Center.

  Bought a book of  Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I find I enjoy reading it. It's a really good book because on one page, there's Shakespeare's prose and on the other page a plain English version of it :)  

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