19 May 2012

Opera and Ice Cream

  The violin concert was actually yesterday, not today. Good thing we didn't miss it :) My sister's, Ashley, vioilin teacher conducted the orchestra. There was a tenor, Rogerbert Goleng Jr., who sang Nessun Dorma really well. When we got home that night I started searching and downloading Operas. I came across Rusalka, Turandot, and I'm still reading the plot summary of Giacommo Puccini's La Boheme ^_^  Trying to learn songs from both Rusalka and Turandot...

Patricia Suarez
  Saw R.A.D. ballet buddy Patricia at Teen's Club yesterday (there was a talk about making gelato). Every month, friends of my mom organize a get together for girls my age. We all come from different schools and there's almost always a new girl every meet up... Wish I took pics :(  Anyway, Patricia's recital is coming up next week on the 26th. Plus she and other R.A.D. dancers are performing in Abreeza on the 25th. Her class had a pictorial in their studio and she had what she likes to call a "Svetlana Zakharova Moment"; A picture of her in a charming Giselle costume with her leg high up to her ear while she dances her variation. Lucky Duck!

  Momsey (my grandma) said that kids my age should not be dieting. I wont eat too much that I'm so full but I also won't avoid food unnecessarily. I will, though, continue avoiding pork.

  LCB show tomorrow! Pictures, hopefully. If I don't get to take any, I'll just beg, borrow, and steal photos from FB :P

  I found some full length ballets and operas on You Tube! Heres one of the Royal Ballet's Sylvia with Darcey B. in the title role. And here is the Opera de National de Paris' Rusalka :)


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