25 May 2012

Class-less Days

  O! Class-less days, time for recovery and reflection... My days have been filled with catching up with my academics, especially Math.

  Our Persian kitty, Ginger, hates me. Every time I try to pet or carry her, she tries to scratch, even bite me! Thought this morning she let me cuddle with her :) She's such a snobbish little thing! Our dog Cornelia is a suspect of jealousy :|

  I still do Teacher Agnes' exercise, though, I don't want to, you know, tinatamad ako, it's really very time consuming. I mean 20 mins. in one position -_- sigh... at least I can listen to music during that time... I think my back's improving, little by little... Was able to swim yesterday :)

  Read an article in Ballet News about Anorexia...  O.o I wont diet anymore, I'm afraid I might stop growing. Plus, I just realized yesterday that all my 'skin-problems' come out when I skimp on my food :( Though I will continue to avoid pork and coke.

  My sister Ashley is making all these shakes and smoothies. She's getting all the recipes from a book my mom got; Super Drinks for Pregnancy. Though, no one in our household is pregnant... This morning, she came up with a banana, pineapple and ginger smoothie. It was actually pretty good but I think there was too much ginger :P Her fave recipe is Avocado shake... I guess it's because we have a lot of rotting Avocados in our kitchen :P

  Had a bad soar throat the other day. I couldn't sleep because it hurt when I swallowed, so I went downstairs and made myself a cup of throat coat tea, and read The Ballet Companion. I was able to sleep after that. The next day I drank six (tall) cups of the throat coat and, now,  My soar throat's gone!!! This herbal stuff really works! ^_^

  Going to the dentist this afternoon. In a few hours I won't have braces anymore! :D 

  I need to catch up with Dance 212

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