01 April 2012

British Ballet

  Am in probably the most exciting part of  Jennifer Homans' Apollo's Angels; "The British Moment" which is about, of course, ballet in England. This is where our dear Margot Fonteyn, Covent Garden, and the Royal Ballet come in.
  I think my mom enjoyed the movie last night, despite it's tragic end, because she asked if I had any more ballet movies to watch. I read about Moira Shearer starring in The Red Shoes just toady and I suggested we watch that :) We haven't finished it yet though...
  This is great timing :D Very fitting to watch while reading "The British Moment" :P

  I learned, today, that the reason for the scarcity for boys in ballet is because of the WAR!!! Would you believe?! Speaking of which, there's an audition for boys in Locsin's. Guys have to present a two minute solo. I don't have the schedule though... Just call (63 82) 227-4753 :)) or visit The Locsin Dance Workshop, 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines ^_^

P.S. Saw some friends from R.A.D. today :)

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