12 April 2012


My "Johawk"
  Today started with a ballet class. Followed by another ballet class. Now that I'm a scholar I have to attend both Ballet 3 and 4. I actually found it energizing.Though I wouldn't say I did well. teacher Agnes. made me downgrade a bit. She told me not to turn during this one exercise and not to do the frappes on releve. I now know the reason for my back pains. Teacher Agnes said that I arch my back too much. I have to work on tucking in my behind O.o Someone must'v told her that I cried during the rehearsal for Midsummer...

  I went home for lunch since my next class Hip Hop was still at 4 p.m. I spent the afternoon styling a "Johawk". It's this hairstyle dancer Joey Dowling does on herself. It's like a Mohawk without having to shave off your hair :P Yeah mehn! My hair sure stole the scene ^_^ "How many hairpins did you use?" "Can I touch your hair?" "How did you do that?" Haha!

  Of course I had to join Hip Hop. Our instructor's style is very "Old School" We learned stuff like Scooby Doo, Jazz Split (iDentity crew member Manjo's signature move), Pimp walk, and a lot more :))

  Jazz was next. I'm in Jazz 2. In the first floor studio, the faculty and original Ballet 4 were also dancing Jazz under the instruction of Tita Bing, Achi Yam, and Kuya Kevin, my teachers at LCB! Tita Bing will be teaching Tap too. Since Jazz 2 is still at 6 p.m., I went upstairs to watch Jazz 1 and talk with a few classmates waiting there too ^_^

Jazz 1 taught by Kuya Arnel

  Jazz was super fun! I can still do a triple pirouette after months of not practicing! Our teacher is Kuya Arnel. Aside from   pirouettes we also did this awesome jump called a side jette. We also did some routines ^_^

  Tomorrow, we'll have Tap and Modern and I'll be assisting for Ballet 1b and babies. I'm particularly excited for Modern ^_^

* * *
The Locsin's Dance Workshop is offering classes on Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop... For inquiries call The Locsin's Dance Workshop at (63 82) 227-4753 
The Locsin's Dance Workshop 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines

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